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Creators weigh in on 2013 and 2014 (Part 2)

Continuing with our annual “Looking Forward, Looking Back” feature for our big fifth anniversary, we asked various comics folks what they liked in 2013, what they’re looking forward to in 2014, and what projects they have planned for the coming year. In this edition, hear from Tim Seeley, Amy Reeder, Pat Aulisio, Andy Hirsch, David Gallaher, Amanda Meadows and Geoffrey Golden, Joey Weiser, Ian Brill, Philip Gelatt and Dave Dwonch!

Check out part one here, and don’t forget to come back Tuesday to read more!

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Gamers switch bodies with their characters in Double Jumpers

Have you ever played video games so much that you think you’re in one? In May, a new comic series from Action Lab called Double Jumpers follow a group of friends who get stuck inside their characters in a video game, and see those characters take over their human bodies.

Coming from writer Dave Dwonch and artist Bill Blankenship, Double Jumpers promises a mature readers-only take on this video game switcheroo. The people at the center of it are a group of programmers marooned in their video game identities while on a trip to a huge convention in Las Vegas. As much fun and intrigue the hijinks inside their video game might be, it’s only doubled when you think about video game personas coming to life inside a convention.

Action Lab also plans to release the comic simultaneously in print and digitally on Graphicly, Kindle, Kobo, Nook, the Apple Bookstore, Google books as well as other outlets.

Here’s a six-page preview of this four-issue limited series set to debut in May.

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Cartoonist Dave Dwonch brings on A Crisis On Infinite Roommates

Mention the word “Crisis” to a comics fan and the next thing that springs to mind is time-traveling, continuity-bending, cape-wearing antics on an epic scale. But what if it’s all sent in an economy-size flat?

In Action Lab‘s Space-Time Condominium, writer/artist Dave Dwonch pairs Crisis On Infinite Earths with Three’s Company as one man tries to live with four alternate reality versions of himself. With a mysterious figure known only as the Gatekeeper pulling the strings like some sort of Anti-Monitor version of Mr. Roper, this guy — Griffin Griffins — has to deal with four more Griffin Griffins. (Four Griffinses?)

The upstart company Action Lab is releasing this as a limited edition book, with all 500 copies hand-numbered and signed by Dwonch. It’s the latest in the publisher’s “Signature Series” showcasing up-and-coming talent with their first major work on comic shelves.

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