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Comics A.M. | ‘Beetle Bailey’ creator Mort Walker turns 90

Beetle Bailey

Beetle Bailey

Creators | Beetle Bailey creator Mort Walker received messages from the likes of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Dolly Parton and Prince Albert II of Monaco ahead of his 90th birthday today. The cartoonist, who introduced Beetle Bailey in 1950, still supervises daily work on the strip at his Stamford, Connecticut, studio. [The Associated Press]

Creators | Gene Luen Yang discusses his newest work, Boxers and Saints, a 500-page, two-volume set that examines China’s Boxer Rebellion through the eyes of two very different characters. [Graphic Novel Reporter]

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Robot 6 Q&A | David Gaider on bringing Dragon Age to Dark Horse Digital

Dragon Age

Fans who can’t get enough of Dragon Age have the chance to return to Thedas today and revisit three of the characters they got to know over the course of the original video game and its sequel, as Dark Horse Comics and BioWare team up for a new story starring the saucy pirate Isabela, wisecracking Varric and the king of Ferelden himself, Alistar Therein. The bi-weekly series is available through Dark Horse’s digital comics store starting today, with a collection due from the publisher in July.

The other piece of good news for fans is that the comic is written by David Gaider, BioWare’s lead writer for both Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II, as well as the author of the three Dragon Age novels that have been released. Gaider teams up with Alexander Freed, who is writing the script, and artist Chad Hardin to bring the characters from your Playstation 3, X-Box 360 or PC to the comic page.

Gaider was kind enough to answer a few questions about his background, the comic and his work on the Dragon Age franchise in general. My thanks for his time.

JK Parkin: I hear you were a comic fan and even a budding comic artist back in the day. What were some of your favorite comics, and do you still read them today?

David Gaider: I don’t read any of the comics today that I used to follow—which were mostly superhero titles like the X-Men, though I doubt that’s surprising. The comics I read today are almost exclusively collected editions: The Walking Dead and Fables being current examples.

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