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Box 13 debuts on the iPhone today

As I type this, my iPhone is downloading Box 13, the new made-for-the-iPhone comic by David Gallaher, who guest blogged with us not long ago, and his High Moon partner Steve Ellis. The comic itself is free via comiXology’s iPhone app, which costs 99 cents.

David Steinberger with comiXology, who I interviewed earlier this month for a story on Box 13 for the main CBR site, sent over some additional artwork from the comic:




You can check out the press release on it after the jump …

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What Are You Reading?

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe

Well bust my buttons, if it isn’t time for another round of What Are You Reading, where we talk about all the comics, books and other reading matter we’re currently engrossed in. Our guest this week is High Moon co-creator and writer David Gallaher, who’s been blogging with us at Robot 6 all this past week.

David has quite a list of titles to pour over, so let’s get to it. Click on the link below to get started.

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HIGH MOON Season Four Debuts!


This weekend marks the coming of the  Harvest Moon,  the full Moon that occurs closest to the autumn equinox.

In two years out of three, the Harvest Moon comes in September, but this year it occurs in October just before hunting season.

This ominous moon also signals the debut the long-awaited fourth season of the werewolf epic – HIGH MOON!

Written by myself, illustrated by Steve Ellis, and lettered by Scott O. Brown, this season brings Macgregor to the streets of London where he must unravel a hidden family curse before it claims its next victim.

After this weekend’s update, you see new pages every Monday by sundown.

What’s Inside Box 13?


Developed specifically for comixology’s COMICS iphone app, BOX 13 is a serialized digital comics neo-noir thriller created by myself, Steve Ellis, & Scott O. Brown.

Of course, we’ll be talking a lot more about it in the coming weeks.

But, for now, I thought I’d give you an exclusive sneak peek of the cover.

The series is scheduled to launch on October 13th.

A Cold Day In December: Gallaher talks Winter Guard

This was my first introduction into THE SOVIET SUPER SOLDIERS – Ursa Major, Darkstar, and Vanguard – the team that would eventually become THE WINTER GUARD. I was only a few months into collecting and reading comics at that point – and I got the book admittedly because of the Speedball cameo in the beginning of the story. As a teenager, I found the cover disturbing – could the Avengers really have murdered this team of Russian superheroes? The truth, of course, was a little more complex – and, of course,  I was hooked on the revelation!

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Just in time for winter, Marvel to publish Winter Guard this December

Winter Guard

Winter Guard

Marvel has started to tease some of their December comics over on their website, starting with the Hulk titles. One of those titles features the Winter Guard, who appeared recently in the Hulk.

I remember them, though, as the Soviet Super Soldiers, who first appeared back in the early 1980s when the Hulk was roaming the world and meeting all sorts of new heroes, as chronicled by Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema. At the time, the team included Darkstar, her brother Vanguard, Ursa Major and Crimson Dynamo. The new team consists of Darkstar, Red Guardian, Crimson Dynamo and Major Ursa, but I think the Darkstar and Red Guardian identities have been assumed by new folks. I’m sure David Gallaher and Steve Ellis, the team behind High Moon and this new one-shot, will fill us in in December.

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