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Comics A.M. | Malaysian cartoonist claims Facebook blocked cartoon



Censorship | Malaysian cartoonist Zunar claims Facebook removed his latest cartoon, which portrays the wife of the Malaysian prime minister as the head of a bank. Zunar, who is awaiting trial on nine counts of sedition stemming from tweets critical of the government, said the cartoon was “blocked” half an hour after he uploaded it, and subsequent efforts to upload the cartoon failed. Several of his Facebook pages display the text but no image, but the entire cartoon is gone from his main fan page. “It is really funny because normally you can re-upload the image with a different file name,” he said. “This seems like a well-executed plan by cybertroopers to block the content.” [The Malaysian Insider]

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DC reveals next lineup for Legends of the Dark Knight

Legends of The Dark Knight: No Reservations

DC Comics has released a new lineup for its digital-first Legends of the Dark Knight that includes Paul Tobin, Tradd Moore, Christos Gage, David Tischman, Chris Sprouse and Karl Story.

Launched in June as part of an expansion of the publisher’s digital-first slate, the out-of-continuity series features standalone stories by different creative teams chronicling some of Batman’s cases. New chapters can be downloaded each Thursday. Here’s the schedule for November and December:

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Trace Adkins plugs comic on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson talks with country musician Trace Adkins about the comic book Luke McBain in a very funny interview. “This has gotten a lot bigger than I thought it would,” Adkins says about the book, which features his likeness. Check out a preview of the book, written by David Tischman with art by Kody Chamberlain, here.

Collect This Now! | Soldier X


When Chris Mautner asked if I’d be willing to take a crack at writing the “Collect This Now!” column during my guest-blogging stint, I said yes precisely because of this book. And when I informed him of my intentions, he said he was glad, because Marvel hadn’t yet been tackled in the column.

This stands to reason, given that we’re now seven years or so deep into Marvel’s “collect-everything-we-publish” plan — what’s left to collect? The answer is Soldier X. Written by Darko Macan and illustrated by Igor Kordey, this short-lived, Cable-starring series is wild, weird and wonderful, even by the far-out standards of the late Bill Jemas era. That’s probably what dooms it to TPB-less obscurity, but it’s also why I’m still so fond of it.

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