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‘The Guns of Shadow Valley': Superheroes of the Wild West


I’ve always loved the Wild West setting. It’s a world of arid landscapes with rocky canyons and flat horizons, where small communities composed of a few people are isolated from the comforts of an urban society. Interaction with fellow humans runs through the barest lines of transportation and communication, and they’re easily severed by bandits and the unforgiving forces of nature. The lack of electricity means pitch-black nights sometimes illuminated by the flickering glow of a campfire. The atmosphere is dominated by a sense of loneliness.

And despite how it’s typically depicted in old Hollywood movies, its population is also quite diverse. The native population still maintained a presence, settlers with European backgrounds are newly arrived to the area, resulting in a mix of people with Hispanic, African and Caucasian heritages. Chinese laborers have been brought in to lay down railroad tracks.

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