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WonderCon | DC Direct, Graphitti Designs offer three exclusive prints this weekend

Choose Your Ride

If you’re attending WonderCon this weekend, stop by the Graphitti Designs booth (#601) to get your hands on three new prints being offered by DC Direct. The prints feature the Batmobile, Batman and the City of Kandor. They cost $49.95 each and are limited to 100 of each design. According to The Source, Dc plans to offer additional prints throughout 2012.

Check out Batman and Kandor after the jump.

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DC Comics adds White Lantern ring to Brightest Day promotion

White Lantern ring

White Lantern ring

DC Comics today added a third ring to its Brightest Day promotion: the White Lantern ring. It joins The Flash and Green Lantern rings announced last month.

For every 25 copies of Brightest Day #1 ordered by April 15, retailers can purchase one bag of 50 White Lantern rings for $8.

The Brightest Day promotion follows the publisher’s highly successful Blackest Night initiative that gave a significant boost to the seven titles involved. (Of course, the program has its detractors.)

While we’re on the subject of those multicolored rings, the DC Universe blog also reveals that the White Lantern ring will be included at no extra charge in DC Direct’s previously announced Blackest Night Power Ring Spectrum Set. The nine pieces have “light-up capability,” apparently.

Brightest Day #1 arrives in stores on May 5. The Power Ring Spectrum Set goes on sale on July 7.

Geoff Johns wants the Power of Grayskull

grayskullGeoff Johns and I have something in common: We both want Geoff Johns to write a He-Man comic.

In an interview at writer Poe Ghostal’s toy and action figure news blog, the Blackest Night, Green Lantern, and Superman: Secret Origin writer says that He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is the only toy property he’d like to take a shot at writing. Now, normally this kind of offhand blue-sky wish-list comment wouldn’t merit a post, but I really love He-Man and Johns has written some of my favorite superhero comics of the past several years — and dammit, I’ve got a bully pulpit and I intend to use it.

Oh yeah, Johns discusses various other toy-related topics with Ghostal, including his childhood favorites and the highlights of his current collection. Unsurprisingly, Lantern Corps figures from DC Direct and Mattel fare pretty well, with Johns citing the action-figure version of his Blue Lantern character Saint Walker as his fave.

But seriously — Geoff Johns on He-Man! Start your letter-writing campaign to DC and Mattel in the comments.

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