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Careful, James Kochalka, this is how a beef starts

Occasional Marvel employee James Kochalka’s first impression is right, that cover is awful, least of all because of Mark Bagley’s Joe Quesada’s illustration. As sickly sentimental as the composition is, the worst crime there is the dreadful typography.

Anyway, Kochalka is just too darned nice to really go for the throat. As he notes below this entry on his Tumblr, “All apologies to the artists involved.  I know how hard this is without random dudes trolling you on the internet … so I hope you just take this as a bit of good-natured teasing.”

The Fifth Color | Spider-Man’s Ultimate Corpse

UDoSM: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160

I wonder what happens in this issue....

Sorry for the graphic title, Gentle Readers.  

I’m sure you get the idea: last week, Ultimate Spider-Man #160 gave us the final chapter in the long-awaited “Death of Spider-Man” storyline. That’s long awaited because the prelude kicked us off in February and we’ve been talking about the “Death of Spider-Man” as a future storyline since before that so no one really should take this as a shock that Peter Parker perishes. It wasn’t called the “Death of Captain America” until those Captain America issues were in trade and Fantastic Four’s “Three” is still just labeled “3” on the cover so the mystery of who bites it there is still under wraps. There’s an air of ‘whodunnit’ with those issues, questions that I have personally seen lure the curious new reader to the stands. With the Ultimate “Death of Spider-Man” written on a bevy of covers for the past few months, sometimes even more prominently than the book’s actual title, I don’t see what the polybag was for.

Why note this book at all? Yeah, it’s the murder of the guy whose name’s on the cover, but a polybag? What secret within could be worth wrapping in plastic? The cover spoils the end results! There’s no secret to keep but how Spider-Man dies and, after cutting my way into another comic, that’s not even a secret worth keeping.

So why the hoopla? Why the trending and interviews and rather somber occasion for an event that everyone’s known about for months thanks to tireless campaigning and announcements? Perhaps why they’ve revealed their shocking ending now and not for so long was because the Ultimate Spider-Man title’s been dead for a lot longer than this final issue.

WARNING: Hey guys. Spider-Man dies in Ultimate Spider-Man #160. I know, I know, we’re all surprised but below I’m going to talk a little about how he died so I suppose a spoiler warning is the polite thing to do. Just in case.

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The Fifth Color | Forward into the Past: Marvel Solicitations for February 2011

Deadpool Team-Up #884

February!  Love is in the air!  Presidents are in the air!  The holiday season is done with, and we can all look forward to a bright new year.

Or not, as Marvel is bringing you this future month (and I do quote from THUNDERSTRIKE #4 (of 5)‘s solicit)  “scenes of excessive action and angst in the mighty Marvel manner”.  Angst!  Not just fear, anxiety or strife, but angst in the mighty MARVEL manner!  That’s right, other guys!  You don’t do trauma like we do trauma!

Really, it looks like February is just going to be promoted as a downer with a lot of terrible things happening to good people and then Captain America takes on some pigeons.  But it can’t all be doom and gloom, can it?  Can there be a prevailing mood for books during certain seasons?  Does the House of Ideas have a post-holiday melancholy?  And if so, what’s Deadpool doing in the bathtub?  Please, join us as we click for more information below and look at Marvel’s menu for February 2011.

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