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Dennis Culver draws Community’s Dean Pelton in all of his costumes

From "DEANfinity," by Dennis Culver

For the fan of NBC’s Community who has almost everything — seasons five and six and a movie are on backorder — cartoonist Dennis Culver has unveiled a poster depicting Dean Craig Pelton in all 34 of his outfits from the comedy’s three seasons to date. In chronological order, no less.

The piece will be part of PixelDrip Gallery’s “Six Seasons and a Movie” art show, to be held June 23-24 at Monk Space in Los Angeles, but you can preorder a 36-inch by 24-inch print for $40 through Culver’s online store. Posters will ship the week of June 18. See the full image below.

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Batman, Inc. is hiring, apparently

Batman, Inc. fanart by Dennis Culver

Batman, Inc. fanart by Dennis Culver

I’ve got to give artist Dennis Culver a hand. Last time we checked in with him, he was painstakingly drawing Batman’s rogues gallery — some 38 impeccable portraits of villainy in all. This time around he’s taking Grant Morrison’s Batman, Inc. ball and running with it, tackling 45 members of Batman’s crime-fighting franchise. But wait! you say. Does Batman, Inc. even have 45 members! Ah, that’s where the fun begins, Bat-fans. Not only does Culver draw the existing B-Inc. characters, as well as affiliated groups like the Birds of Prey, the Outsiders, and the Club of Heroes — he also puts new Bat-spins on existing characters from across the DC Universe. Those are Batmanified versions of Steel, Aztek, Wally West, Big Barda, and Zauriel above, just for example; I also kinda dig the idea of Cassandra Cain as a new Nightwing, which I take it has some major fan backing. Anyway, go check out the whole line-up. (And don’t miss his drawing of the cast of The Wire, too!)

Thirty-eight-and-a-half rogues

Batman villains by Dennis Culver

Batman villains by Dennis Culver

No, it’s not CBS’s latest comedy sensation — it’s the culmination of artist Dennis Culver’s deeply awesome “draw one Batman villain per day” project on flickr. Last time we checked in he was a little over halfway through; today he posted the final line-up, and the Bat-nerd inside me did a little Batdance in Bat-celebration. Of particular interest is Culver’s bro-tastic take on the Joker. (Bros killing bros?) Given the depth of Batman’s rogues-gallery bench, Culver easily could have kept this up for another month — and honestly, I kinda hope he will. (Maxie Zeus! Amygdala! Anarky! Doctor Hurt! The Mutant Leader! Heck, Superman!) Till then, click, browse, enjoy.

Now that’s what I call a rogues gallery

Batman rogues by Dennis Culver

Batman rogues by Dennis Culver

Bat-villains ahoy! Artist Dennis Culver has been posting a sketch a day to his Flickr stream, and lately his subject has been Batman bad guys, and lots of ‘em. To date, he’s drawn (deep breath) Hush, Killer Croc, the Ventriloquist and Scarface, the Terrible Trio, Doctor Phosphorous, Mister Freeze, Poison Ivy, Lady Shiva, the Scarecrow, Egghead, Harley Quinn, Black Mask, Bane, Calendar Girl, Professor Hugo Strange, the Mad Monk, the Penguin, Jeremiah Arkham, Firefly, Solomon Grundy, and Clayface (phew) for the series, and given many of them sartorially stylish makeovers to boot. (Dig that Terrible Trio up top!) Plus, if you dig deeper into his archives, you can check out his takes on even more — Catwoman, Man-Bat, the Riddler, the Gentleman Ghost, the Mutant Leader, different versions of Grundy and the Penguin, (of course) the Joker, and even Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face. (Haha, remember that bit of casting from the first Tim Burton Batmovie?) There are even some Bat-allies, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Obviously, there are plenty more second-stringers and big guns alike left for Culver to tackle in his new series. And given the gorgeousness of his efforts so far, I’ll be tuning in to see ‘em — same Bat-stream, same Bat-Flickr!

(Via Andy Khouri)

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