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This weekend, it’s Detroit Fanfare, Alamo City and Cola-Con

current-alamo cityNot that long ago, the convention circuit would have been easing into hibernation around this time of year, with the former Mid-Ohio Comic Con — held over a typically frigid Thanksgiving weekend in Columbus — signaling the unofficial end of the season, leaving the remainder of the year to scattered one-day dealer shows.

However, nowadays once-sluggish October and November now boast pretty full schedules, and this weekend is no exception, with Detroit Fanfare in Dearborn, Michigan, Alamo City Comic Con in San Antonio, Texas, and Cola-Con in Columbia, South Carolina.

Described as “just bigger, better and more geared to the fans of all ages,” the fourth annual Detroit Fanfare has expanded to take over the Adoba Hotel of Dearborn/Detroit (formerly the Hyatt Regency Dearborn). “There’s two full rooms of nothing but comics and the entire south end of the hotel’s dedicated to the periphery of the comics culture in what we call the Bizarre Bazaar,” convention founder Dennis Barger Jr. tells the Press & Guide. “We’re keeping it separate but still within our convention. People who love the entire culture will have the whole first floor to enjoy and the comics purists will have the north end.”

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Voting opens for fourth annual Shel Dorf Awards

saga12The nominees have been announced for the fourth annual Shel Dorf Awards, named in honor of the late Detroit native and founder of Golden State Comic-Con, which grew into Comic-Con International.

ROBOT 6 is among the nominees for Comic Blogger of the Year. Online voting is now open. The winners will be presented Oct. 25 at Detroit FanFare. The nominees are:

Writer of the Year
• Brian K. Vaughan
• Dan Slott
• Mark Waid
• Robert Kirkman
• Scott Snyder

Penciler of the Year
• David Aja
• Fiona Staples
• Greg Capullo
• Jim Lee
• Ryan Stegman

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This weekend, it’s Detroit FanFare

Detroit FanFare-exclusive variants for "Uncanny Avengers" #1, "Bedlam" #1 and "Black Dynamite" #1

The Dearborn, Michigan, Press & Guide previews the third annual Detroit FanFare, which kicks off this evening with a Zombie Walk at the Hyatt Regency in Dearborn (anyone dressed in undead attire gets in tonight for free).

The three-day convention then launches into full gear Saturday morning with a comics lineup that includes Jeremy Bastian, Talent Caldwell, David Finch, Jimmy Gownley, Ben McCool, Bill Morrison, Tom Orzechowski, Yanick Paquette, David Petersen, Keith Pollard, Nick Spencer and Ryan Stegman. The programming schedule can be found here.

A weekend pass is just $15; admission children under 12 is $5 on Saturday, and free on Sunday for kids day.

Voting opens for third annual Shel Dorf Awards

The nominees have been announced for the third annual Shel Dorf Awards, named in honor of the late Detroit native and founder of Golden State Comic-Con, which grew into Comic-Con International.

Online voting is now open. The winners will be presented Oct. 27 at Detroit FanFare. The nominees are:

Writer of the Year
• Ed Brubaker
• Geoff Johns
• Mark Waid
• Robert Kirkman
• Scott Snyder

Penciler of the Year
• Greg Capullo
• Ivan Reis
• J.H. Williams III
• Paolo Rivera
• Ryan Ottley
• Ryan Stegman

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Winners announced for 2011 Shel Dorf Awards

Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard #2

The second annual Shel Dorf Awards were presented Saturday as part of Detroit Fanfare. Named in honor of the late Shel Dorf, a Detroit native and the founder of Comic-Con, the fan awards “are dedicated to recognizing the comic industries best and brightest talents.”

The winners of the 2011 awards are:

Writer of the year: Robert Kirkman
Artist of the year: Guy Davis
Inker of the year: Klaus Janson
Colorist of the year: Jeff Balke
Editor of the year: Shannon Eric Denton
Cover artist of the year: Mike Mignola
Letterer of the year: Tom Orzcechowski
Miniseries of the year: Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard
Graphic novel of the year: Superman: Earth One
Webcomic of the year: Axe Cop
Syndicated print strip of the year: Zits
Comic to multimedia adaptation of the year: The Walking Dead
Comic blogger of the year: Heidi MacDonald, The Beat
Continuing series of the year: Usagi Yojimbo
Self-published comic of the year: Echo
Kids’ comic of the year: Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard
Jerry Bails Award: Randy Scott

Usagi Yojimbo

Comics A.M. | Judge bans note-taking in Michael George trial


Legal | The judge in the trial of former retailer Michael George banned note-taking in the courtroom on Friday out of concern that two women were sharing information with George’s wife Renee. George is on trial for the 1990 murder of his first wife Barbara, and Renee George has been barred from hearing the testimony of other witnesses because she may be called to the stand herself. Also, on Friday a witness testified he had called George’s store at around 5:30 on the day of the murder to ask why an Amazing Spider-Man comic had jumped in value from $5 to $40. Michael Renaud said he spoke to George for about five minutes and that George seemed to be in a hurry to get off the phone; the testimony places him at the crime scene rather than at his mother’s house, where he claimed to be at the time of Barbara’s murder. [The Detroit Free Press]

Conventions | Nearly 5,000 people turned out over the weekend for the second annual Detroit Fanfare, held at the Cobb Center. That’s slightly more than the number who attended the first event at the Dearborn Hyatt Regency, but half what organizer Dennis Barger Jr. had hoped for this year. [The Detroit News]

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This weekend, it’s Detroit FanFare

Ultimate Comics X-Men #1 convention variant

The Detroit Free Press previews the second annual Detroit FanFare, which organizers hope will draw nearly 10,000 people to Cobo Hall on Saturday and Sunday. That’s more than twice the number that showed up for the inaugural event, held last Halloween in Dearborn, Michigan.

Comics guests include Art Baltazar, Jeremy Bastion, Timothy Bradstreet, Katie Cook, Todd Dezago, Kevin Eastman, Tommy Lee Edwards, Ramona Fradon, Larry Hama, Tony Harris, Phil Hester, Tyler Kirkham, Ron Marz, Sean McKeever, William Messner-Loebs, Tony Moore, Steve Niles, John Ostrander, David Petersen, Keith Pollard, Craig Rousseau and Ryan Stegman.

The film and television lineup includes Adam Baldwin, Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi, Peter Weller and Steven Yeun.

The second annual Shel Dorf Awards, “dedicated to recognizing the comic industries best and brightest talents,” will be presented Saturday.

Comics A.M. | New lead in Michael George case; SLG’s digital priority


Legal | Authorities in Clinton Township, Michigan, tracked down two men mentioned in police reports by comics retailer Michael George after his wife’s 1990 murder who were never questioned. The judge gave police 48 hours to locate and question them. One of the men passed away, while the other, John Fox, will be questioned Friday about a family car that is similar to one seen near the comic book store where Barbara George was killed. [Detroit Free Press]

Digital comics | Heidi MacDonald talks to SLG Publisher Dan Vado about plans to release the company’s serialized comics digitally rather than in print. Vado reveals SLG’s popular Johnny the Homicidal Maniac by Jhonen Vasquez will be released in digital format. [The Beat]

Comics | Lisa Fortuner notes that this week’s Green Lantern Corps #1 story shares a title with a Nazi propaganda film: “That’s a beheading, followed by cutting a woman in half, followed by the loss of a finger, followed by a reference to an infamous Leni Riefenstahl film. For those of you who are new to the Internet and it’s population of history snobs, Leni Riefenstahl was an early 20th Century pioneer who made inroads for women in the field of Evil. She did a Nazi propaganda film called ‘Triumph of the Will’ which to this day is still inspiring horror of authoritarian power in film classes and museums. It is probably not the best choice of titles for a book where the main heroes are fueled by willpower.” [Written World]

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