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Comic Industry Job Board – November 2011

In the wide world of comics there’s always a need for talented people — and not just for creating the comics. The books you read every day are supported by an immense infrastructure of editors, publishers, designers, distributors and retailers that make American comics what it is today. And despite the frail economy, the comics industry is looking for employees.

We’ve compiled a list of all the openings in the comics industry for non-creative office positions and put it all into one place. It’s a good resource if you’re looking to work in comics, and also for armchair speculators seeing what companies are looking to do by seeing what positions they’re hiring for. We accumulated these by looking on publisher websites and job boards — if you know of a job not listed here, let us know!

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Diamond to distribute Angry Birds books

Have you seen the video of the baby who plays happily with an iPad but gets frustrated when she tries to tap and swipe a print magazine? That’s what I thought of when I heard that Diamond Comics Distributors has inked a deal with Rovio, the company that makes the insanely popular Angry Birds game, to distribute Angry Birds books. Really? Angry Birds books? But when I read the press release, I realized that it’s actually kind of cool—the books include an egg cookbook and two finish-the-drawing books, so they are interactive and fun, as opposed to, say, an Angry Birds novel, which couldn’t help but be boring.

Anyway, Diamond will be the exclusive distributor for the books, which start rolling into bookstores later this month. First up is Angry Birds Bad Piggies Egg Recipes, which combines egg thievery with egg cookery and may be the first-ever action cookbook. Later this month, we will see Angry Birds: The Big Red Doodle Book and Angry Birds: The Big Green Doodle Book, two books filled with unfinished drawings for readers to complete and improve as they see fit. (You know, it seems like this unfinished-drawings racket might be a good one for some more mainline comics artists to get into.) More books are planned for next year.

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