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Disney bad gals look good in artist’s pinup series

Artist Andrew Tarusov makes vixens out of villains in spicy new Disney pinup series.

Artist Andrew Tarusov makes vixens out of villains in spicy new Disney pinup series.

Jessica Rabbit famously wasn’t bad–she was just drawn that way. But after getting some attention for his comely renditions of Disney’s good girls, Los Angeles animator and illustrator Andrew Tarusov has turned his attention to the witches, wicked stepmothers, and other antagonistic ladies of Disney’s animated classics and released a series of stylish and suggestive pinups that highlights the beauty behind the madness.

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The not-so-Brave makeover and subtle backpedaling


Brave‘s Merida looking… different

In case you thought it was only comics that unnecessarily sexed up female characters, fear not: It happens in all media — and the newest guilty party is Disney.

On Saturday, the studio inducted Merida of the Pixar film Brave as the 11th Disney Princess. More accurately, it inducted some alternate-reality Merida who’s thinner, wears her dress off her shoulder and exposes more cleavage. A redesign of the character appeared on the corporation’s website in advance of the induction at Disney World, and faster than you can say “Wonder Woman’s pants,” someone launched a Change.org petition, which is now approaching 200,000 signatures. Disney removed the images of the redesigned Merida, not that it matters; the Internet never forgets.

I’m being somewhat flip about this but the whole thing is kind of amazing. I loved Brave, and thought it was the animated-princess story that was so overdue. It was so refreshing to watch an animated movie that stepped away from cliches to give us a female lead who isn’t pining after a man, can skillfully defend herself, and looks and acts reasonably like a girl approximately her age. And it not once felt like an agenda movie. Really, it’s pretty stupid that these kinds of characteristics feel like such a breath of fresh air.

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