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‘Star Wars: Season of the Force’ opens Nov. 16 at Disneyland


Following the announcement last month of “Star Wars: Season of the Force,” Disney has unveiled new details about the attraction, arriving soon at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida.

How soon? For Disneyland, Nov. 16. However, no date has been announced for the Florida resort.

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Donald Trump as the Disney Princesses


Ran out of nightmare fuel for the day? Well, worry not because Buzzfeed has got you covered with their Donald Trump as Disney Princesses post.

That pretty much speaks for itself but in case you were still unsure, yes, they’ve turned Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump (who some see as a real-life cartoon character) into actual cartoons by super-imposing his image onto the Disney Princesses. The result is both terrifying and gut-bustingly hilarious.

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How ‘Big Hero 6′ should’ve ended (much sooner, apparently)


Disney’s animated Big Hero 6 was a box-office hit, grossing more than $657 million and transforming the lovable Baymax into an international superstar (and a merchandising goldmine). That’s not to say the 2014 film was without its faults, mind you.

Luckily the folks at How It Should Have Ended have stepped in to shore up a couple of those shortcomings in their latest “Shortcut” video. In a sendup of the police-station scene, they plug a couple of plot holes, instantly making the animated feature a lot shorter. Like, half-hour-TV-comedy short.

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The Force awakens with ‘Star Wars’-themed race car


Australia’s Holden Racing Team has unveiled its First Order-themed VF Commodore Supercar, which will debut next month to promote Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

A collaboration between Disney and Holden, the red-and-black car features a First Order Stormtrooper on one side, and the mysterious Kylo Ren on the other.

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Watch: The ‘Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers’ opening, now with real chipmunks

chip n dale

For kids, and many college students, of the early 1990s, the animated Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers was party of a weekday ritual. Airing in reruns as part of the syndicated Disney Afternoon programming block, the adventures of the chipmunk detectives and their friends provided a welcome relief from the pressures of school, as well as catchy theme song that refused to leave your head.

Now the Disney blog Oh My Disney transports us back to that happy time with a recreation of the Rescue Rangers opening — “Ch-ch-ch-chip ‘n’ Dale!” — only this time using actual chipmunks in the starring roles. The video is a follow-up to last year’s DuckTales tribute, which featured fuzzy little hat-wearing ducklings.

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Man banned from Disney World after ‘meth lab’ joke goes wrong

disney world

A Florida man has been banned for life from Disney World after his annoyed crack about a meth lab led to a nighttime raid on his hotel room.

According to Tampa Bay’s WTLV, St. Augustine resident David Swindler and his family were visiting Disney World over the Labor Day weekend when he attempted to extend their stay for another night. Growing impatient with a hotel staff member, Swindler joked reportedly joked that “he could build a meth lab in his room by the time he could finally get some service.”

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Anime and video game art brightens stairs of Japanese schools


As great as my high school was (go, Patriots!), the main building was a lifeless relic of the 1950s, snaked by dreary halls and even drearier stairwells, where students jostled for room while hoping not to humiliate themselves by tripping. But in Japan, it’s a different story, apparently.

Rocket News24 has rounded up photos of school stairways transformed by students into colorful anime- and video game-inspired art for culture festivals. There are characters and scenes from Disney films, Attack on Titan, Super Mario Bros., Tokyo Ghoul, Kuroko’s Basketball and more.

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Watch Disney vet Glen Keane draw Ariel, the Beast in virtual reality


In his nearly four decades at Disney, animator Glen Keane worked on films ranging from The Rescuers to The Little Mermaid to Aladdin. Although he left the studio three years ago, the love has for those characters is still evident, and infectious.

The 61-year-old Keane, the son of Family Circus creator Bil Keane, doesn’t appear to have slowed down, and continues to explore new ways to create art. In a new promotional video produced for the Future of Storytelling festival, he embraces virtual reality, using the technology to overcome the limitations of the page.

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Disney to begin construction on ‘Star Wars’ lands next year

disney-star wars land4

Disney will break ground next year on its hotly anticipated Star Wars-themed lands at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida, and Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

“This will be I think perhaps the most immersive land we’ve ever built,” Walt Disney Co. Chief Operating Officer Tom Staggs told investors on Thursday. “We want people to feel like they’ve stepped into the world of Star Wars, and so that’s really sparked our imaginations and it’s got people fired up.”

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Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm & Sanrio slice into cake-frosting seller


Disney, Marvel and Lucasfilm have joined with Sanrio to stop a company from selling unlicensed cake frosting featuring their incredibly lucrative properties.

As first reported by THR, Esq., the entertainment giants filed a trademark- and copyright-infringement lawsuit against George and Danielle Wilson, whose Wilson Cake Imaging offers printed, edible frosting sheets and cake toppers depicting a wide range of characters and performers.

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Adorable, functional BB-8 is this year’s must-have ‘Star Wars’ toy


Of all the Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys that go as part of the Force Friday avalanche, this will be the one on every child’s — and every other adult’s — holiday wish list: a tiny, functional BB-8, controlled using an app-enabled smartphone and a wifi signal.

It was created by Colorado startup Sphero, which we first mentioned in April. Billed as “the closest we get to an actual droid,” this BB-8 responds to pre-set commands — “patrol,” for instance — but the company advertises that it possesses an adaptive personality “that changes as you play.”

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Disney, Marvel ‘want no part’ of Times Square fight, NYPD says

minnie-times square

Although New York City had hoped to enlist Disney and Marvel in a crackdown on troublesome costumed characters in Times Square, the police commissioner insists the entertainment giants “want no part of it.”

The New York Daily News reports that Police Commissioner Bill Bratton singled out the two companies for refusing to take action against the performers — long a thorn in the sides of local businesses and politicians — for unlicensed use of their trademarks.

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The race is on for these Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon medals

run disney-medals

RunDisney has unveiled finisher medals for the second annual Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend that will have many Marvel fans wishing they’d registered.

Set for Nov. 12-15 — just 77 days away, the countdown clock reminds us — at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, the event features kids races, the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon, the Captain America 10K, the Avengers Super Hero 5K and the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge (that’s the half marathon plus the 10K).

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Disney unveils first ride footage from Iron Man Experience

iron man experience1

Perhaps overshadowed at the D23 Expo by big announcements about Star Wars- and Toy Story-themed lands at Disney parks was the first ride footage from the Iron Man Experience, debuting next year at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Announced in October 2013, the estimated $100 million attraction will “take guests on an epic adventure against the forces of evil over the streets and in the sky above Hong Kong.” It will be the first permanent Marvel attraction at any Disney theme park.

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First official look at ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ LEGO sets

NOTE (Aug. 20): The images have been removed at the request of the LEGO Group.

Along with the avalanche of Star Wars movie news rumbling out of Disney’s D23 Expo arrives the first official look at seven LEGO sets for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Presumably available in December, ahead of the film’s premiere, the first wave of LEGO sets will include an updated Millennium Falcon, Poe Dameron’s X-Wing, Rey’s Speeder and four First Order ships — chief among them, Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle.

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