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‘Star Wars’ awakens to $1 billion in video game sales

disney infinity-star wars2

The influence of the record-shattering juggernaut Star Wars: The Force Awakens has extended beyond the box office and toy aisles to video games.

Citing industry analysts, Fortune reports Star Wars games generated more than $1 billion in sales this year, led by Star Wars Battlefront, which has sold an estimated 12 million copies since its launch in mid-November.

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Be afraid: ‘Star Wars’ fans built a 15-foot Star Destroyer that actually flies


Source: Make

The Empire is making some headway on Planet Earth — after someone already built a TIE Interceptor — a “Star Wars” fan has successfully built a 15-foot-long flying Star Destroyer, made from insulating foam panels, Gorilla Glue, packing tape, and a can of Rustoleum. The First Order is coming, folks.

Peter Sripol’s Star Destroyer replica flies using three motor-driven propellers, along with a pair of servos to operate the elevons at the rear. Check out the flight test below:

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How to build a BB-8 replica, or at least paint BB-8 on your nails


A man from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada has effectively schooled us all as “Star Wars” fans and built his own super-realistic replica of BB-8 from “The Force Awakens.”

The Globe and Mail released the following video that showcases “Star Wars” fan and graphic designer Cory Pacione’s impressive BB-8 replica, which uses four magnets in both the head and the body, along with hidden wheels, to roll around just like the beloved droid:

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This ‘Star Wars’ art is only visible as a shadow


The latest art project from a “Star Wars” fan might not look like anything at first glance — but shine a light on the various pieces, and you’ve got some pretty nifty shadows that look like beautiful silhouettes of characters and iconic images from the films.

Check out the video below, where artist Red Yong Yi demonstrates how exactly her shadow art works, as she uses the power of the light (side) to create some precise and stunning visuals:

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George Pérez shares ‘Star Wars’ art you’ve (probably) never seen


Legendary comics artist George Pérez — known for his landmark work on “The Avengers,” “The New Teen Titans,” and “Wonder Woman,” among many other series — unearthed some of his rarely seen “Star Wars” art — and of the three pieces, only one was actually published.

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Disney parks install metal detectors, halt sales of toy guns


Walt Disney Parks and Resorts today announced it has installed metal detectors and banned the sales of toys guns, including Star Wars blasters, as it beefs up security measures.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, guests at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, and Disney World in Orlando, Florida, will now be randomly selected to pass through metal detectors after they’ve gone past bag checks.

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‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ poster debuts for ‘Disney Infinity’


Amid the frenzy for the film, Disney Interactive and Lucasfilm have debuted the poster for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Play Set, which arrives Friday for Disney Infinity 3.0.

The third Star Wars play set for the hit toy-to-life video game, following Rise Against the Empire and Twilight of the Republic, Star Wars: The Force Awakens features as playable characters Finn, Rey, Poe Dameron and, yes, Kylo Ren.

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Custom ‘Star Wars’ pianos, perfect for your Cantina cover band


Trying to start a Mos Eisley Cantina cover band, but your instruments aren’t up to snuff? Fear not, as the folks at Player Piano have designed custom “Star Wars”-themed pianos just for your needs.

Composer Sonya Belousova and director Tom Grey uploaded the following “Star Wars” piano medley to YouTube, spotlighting their specially-designed R2-D2, Darth Vader and Millennium Falcon-inspired pianos, just in time for the release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” next week:

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Walt Disney’s original offices restored, on display at Disney Studios


Photos courtesy of D23

The offices of Walt Disney have been restored to its original location on the studio’s Burbank, California, lot, complete with authentic furnishings and decorations.

Formally dedicated on Monday, the reconstruction of Disney’s formal and working offices on the third floor of Walt Disney Studios’ Animation building will be a permanent exhibit, open to employees, cast members and visitors. It will be added next year to the studio tours conducted for members of D23: The Official Disney Fan Club.

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The ‘B’ in BB-8 stands for ‘bling’ with this diamond-encrusted droid


While stars Daisy Ridley and John Boyega seem to be taking their newfound fame from Star Wars: The Force Awakens in stride, another cast member isn’t handling his celebrity status so well, blowing all of his credits on gold and diamonds. BB-8, we expected more from you.

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Looking for your Mickey or Minnie? There’s a dating site for Disney fans

lady and the tramp

If you’ve had trouble finding that special someone who understands your obsession with Goofy or who will sit through marathon viewings of The Great Mouse Detective, your luck could be about to change.

That’s because MouseMingle.com, the first dating site for specifically for Disney fans, launched this week. “Traditional internet dating sites don’t understand the passion people have for all things Disney,” the website states. “But we do.”

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Death Star USB Car Charger, featuring the voice of Grand Moff Tarkin


ThinkGeek has released a “Star Wars” Death Star USB Car Charger, giving you the power to charge your phone with the galaxy’s most destructive weapon — on the go!

The officially licensed car charger has green flashing LED lights that activate when you plug your USB(s) into the device. Not only that, but an automated voice of Grand Moff Tarkin greets your inserted USB with the phrase, “You may fire when ready.”

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Forever 21 awakens new ‘Star Wars’ clothing line


Forever 21 is set to offer an all-“Star Wars” clothing line, featuring everyone’s favorite George Lucas creations, from Darth Vader to Boba Fett.

Check out some of the “Star Wars” clothing options Forever 21 has in store, including t-shirts, tank tops, sweatpants, sweaters, and more, below.

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Taste the full power of the Force with ‘Star Wars’ ice cream


The New York City-based ice cream shop Ample Hills Creamery is offering up limited edition “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”-themed ice cream on its menu — and don’t worry, it’s available for delivery (barring any trade embargoes).

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Man dressed as Darth Vader attempts to rob convenience store, struck by salad dressing


A man in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, was charged with armed robbery and possession of a firearm by a felon for attempting to rob a convenience store — dressed as Darth Vader.

According to ABC News, Jacob Mercer, age 32, carried a handgun into the Jacksonville Beach convenience store on Sunday evening and demanded money from the cashier. The store clerk refused to give Mercer — again, dressed as Darth Vader — the money, and threw a jar of salad dressing at his helmet. Mercer then ran out of the store, where witnesses saw him take off the helmet and reveal bleeding cuts on his face, before escaping in a car.

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