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The University of Western Ontario receives huge comics donation

Captain Canuck

Captain Canuck

The University of Western Ontario received an early present this holiday season — comics collector and retired college professor Eddy Smet is in the process of giving them “what is believed to be the largest and most valuable collection of comic books ever donated to a Canadian university,” the school’s newspaper reports.

Smet is donating “a significant portion” of his 10,000-plus, single-issue and original graphic novel collection to Western Archives, the archival research department of Western Libraries. The collection includes comics from the 1970s and 1980s, including complete runs of Miracleman, Watchmen and Swamp Thing, as well as the first 14 issues of Captain Canuck, “arguably Canada’s most popular and important superhero comic,” the paper says.

“It’s like cutting off my own arms because I’ve been collecting for more than 40 years, but I know giving my collection to a place like Western will provide a wonderful resource for students and faculty who are studying pop culture, visual arts or even women’s studies,” Smet said.

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Help artist Josh Medors in his battle with cancer

Artist Josh Medors has been fighting cancer for more than a year, and his condition continues to worsen. Image Comics sent out the following letter yesterday asking for help with an alternative treatment:

The Darkness cover art

The Darkness cover art by Josh Medors

This is a call to action!

As many of you may know already, artist Josh Medors (Frazetta’s Swamp Demon & Sorcerer, Runes of Ragnan, 30 Days of Night) has been fighting a losing battle against a terminal form of cancer for well over a year, and it has recently taken a turn for the worst. The doctors and conventional medicine have all but given up on him and say there isn’t anything else they can do. But he has found an alternative treatment that has the possibility of extending his life a bit and can help improve the quality of his life near the end so he can spend it with his wife and son. There is even a slim chance it can make him somewhat better, so he has to try. But of course the treatment is very expensive and Josh has no medical insurance.

So myself and my brother, Andrew Mangum (currently Josh’s inker on Frazetta’s Sorcerer) decided to arrange another benefit auction like the one they did at Emerald City Con back in ’08. This auction is different though because the last one was organized by Jay Fotos to help Josh pay his rising medical bills to fight the cancer, and this one is specifically to get the treatment he needs to be keep him around. I know there are a lot of fans and friends out there that want to help, so this auction series will be that opportunity. A wide variety of artists are contributing personal works and art from their collections just like last time, but this time it’s open to collectors, fans, and everyone else. as well anyone can donate if they want to help! We just ask that it be comic or comic art related.

I have set up a special “preview gallery” for all the items as they come in on my Comic Art Fans webpage at

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Help rebuild Len Wein’s comic book collection

Comics by Len Wein

Comics by Len Wein

As previously reported, Mark Evanier is helping Len Wein rebuild his collection of his own work after losing it in a house fire a few weeks ago. Evanier has set up a page on his website that details how you can help by donating your comics to Wein, and provides an update this morning based on the emails he’s already receiving.

The site includes a list of books they’re looking for, as well as contact information if you want to donate. So go look at the list and look through your collection to see if you happen to have any duplicates of Wein’s work, or start checking your retailer’s bargain bins for any of them; he’s pretty much worked on everything, so it’s likely you’ll find something either way.

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