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Comics A.M. | Gaiman fee feud continues; Carlos Trillo passes away

Neil Gaiman

Politics | The controversy in Minnesota continues over Neil Gaiman’s speaking fee, with a state House Republican committee chairman now recommending a $45,000 cut to the Twin Cites’ regional library system budget to make up for the Legacy Fund money paid to the author and comics writer in May 2010. “I simply subtracted out $45,000 — just making a point,” Rep. Dean Urdahl said. Gaiman responded that the move “seems like a sad way to make a point.” He talks at length with CityPages about the controversy. [Star-Tribune]

Passings | Prolific Argentine comics writer Carlos Trillo, co-creator of CyberSix, passed away over the weekend while on vacation in London. He was 68. Trillo, whose career spanned five decades, collaborated with such artists as Eduardo Risso, Jordi Bernet, Juan Bobillo, Carlos Meglia and Domingo Roberto Mandrafina. [, via The Beat]

Retailing | Peter Panepinto turns a Free Comic Book Day preview into one of those perennial articles about the potential effects of superhero movies on comic-book sales. [Carroll County Times]

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The Fifth Color | Doom Over Wakanda

Yeah, it's the cover to #3, but it looks awesome!

Yeah, it's the cover to #3, but it looks awesome!

Event books are made up of a variety of different ideas, marketing ploys and world-building plots, the semantics of which we could go on about for hours, but for right now, let’s look at three rather basic needs:

  • A Major Villain: Sorry, Stilt-Man is not event book main operator.  I’d say even Norman Osborn isn’t really Event Book Material either; in the Siege, this is really just Loki’s show with a lot of targets and threats under his puppet strings.  The Red Skull, Doctor Doom, Magneto, people who only want the world, people who drink domination like fine wine on big gaudy thrones and are just clever enough to pose an incalculable threat.
  • An Incalculable Threat: something on a scale so massive it should hurt our ears.  Planets should be in danger, if not just our favorite one, Earth.  All the dead that have ever died, rising up out of Hell to scourge the land, going back in time to ensure Hilter’s victory in World War II, alien invasion, this should effect everyone and their mother.
  • Crossover Appeal: Teams and heroes from different titles banding together to fight a common enemy.  It doesn’t matter how much the Hulk and Thing don’t get along, it’s the problem at hand that matters first and their solution should be a point of contention (or camaraderie) by the time this all is through.

See?  Pretty simple stuff.  Sure, there’s a lot more that goes into it but if you ensure these three basics of storytelling, fans will be more likely to stand up, take notice and, most important, check their wallets for the right amount of cash.  You can tell us it’s going to be the Second Coming, but until the threat is unleashed by a class act villain that every mutant and their mother has to go handle, then we know who means business.

It’s this kind of blockbuster storytelling that makes me wonder where Doomwar #1 has been all my life.  Don’t tell my husband, but I think it’s love at first issue.

SPOILERS: Yeah, we’re going to talk about Doomwar #1 here so please, give yourself the delicious joy that is Doctor Doom and go pick up the issue. For those of you who have, let’s read along!

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