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May his fire burn everlasting: The resurgence of the cocaine-fueled Snowflame


Although he died a not-so-glorious death in his first appearance way back in 1988’s New Guardians #2, the cocaine-sniffing DC villain Snowflame is making a minor comeback. The Colombian drug lord has been featured recently on Cracked.com and io9, and now he has his own fan-fiction webcomic by artist Julie Sydor.

Snowflame tells the further adventures of the part drug-sniffing supervillain, part cult leader who first and last appeared in a forgettable series that spun out of DC’s Millennium crossover. That appearance must have made an impact on Sydor, as she not only turned him into a My Little Pony–what greater sign is there that you’re achieved cult status than someone turning you into a My Little Pony?–but also kicked off a webcomic that pits him against Green Arrow, Batman and Raven.

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