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Classic film/TV cars get a ‘Mad Max’ makeover from artist Scott Park


What if “Mad Max” was set in Los Angeles? Illustrator Scott Park used that premise in a new art series that takes classic cars from movies and television and gives them a “Mad Max”-ian spin.

Park used cars from “Ghostbusters,” “Batman ’66,” “Back to the Future,” “Toy Story,” “Scooby Doo,” “Dukes of Hazard,” “Arrested Development,” “Knight Rider,” “Akira,” and many other properties for the mashup art. You can check out each illustration below:

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Guest interview: McNamara and Braddock return to mars

Paige Braddock and Jason McNamara, circa 2008

A couple of years back I attended a panel at the Alternative Press Expo featuring Jason McNamara, writer of the Martian Confederacy, interviewing the books’ artist Paige Braddock for her spotlight panel at the show. It was an interesting discussion, so when Jason approached me about the possibility of doing an interview on the follow-up to the book, I asked him if maybe he’d be willing to interview Paige instead. And here it is. You can check out a preview of the book here.

by Jason McNamara

She’s an incredible talent, a generous collaborator and a very good friend. I’m talking, of course, about Paige Braddock.

Raised in the South, Paige graduated from the University of Tennessee and spent years working as a journalist before being recruited by Peanuts creator Charles Schulz to join his studio, where she’s now the Creative Director.

After hours, Paige is also the Eisner-nominated creator of Jane’s World, the saga of hapless journalist Jane Wyatt, cracking jokes and suffering one lesbian misadventure after another. Paige employs a classic Sunday-morning approach to modern relationships, creating a natural entry point for all readers. Created as an online strip in 1998, JW became a comic book in 2002 when Paige founded Girl Twirl publishing imprint. Jane’s World continues to be published twice a year as a series of graphic novels and is serialized at Comics.com.

A few years ago, Paige approached me about collaborating on a project. The result was 2008’s The Martian Confederacy, a futuristic Sci-Fi romp, equal parts Noam Chomsky and Dukes of Hazzard. With the upcoming release of our second volume, I thought this would be a great time to catch up.

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