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Dark Horse celebrates Earth Day with ‘Massive’ digital deal

the massive

As you’ve likely already been reminded by Google or morning television, today is Earth Day, a worldwide observance designed to demonstrate support for environmental protection. To celebrate the 44th annual event, Dark Horse is offering a special digital deal on an ecological cautionary tale: The Massive.

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Comics A.M. | Calgary Expo sells out; Wizard World loses $1M

Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo

Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo

Conventions | Kandrix Foong, founder of Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, cautions latecomers that all 56,000 tickets for this weekend’s event are sold out. “We tell everybody now: ‘There are no on-site ticket sales,’” he said. “So they say: ‘OK, I’ll just try my luck when I get there.’ ‘No, no, no, you don’t understand. There are no on-site ticket sales. The end. If you show up you will be turned away. Sorry, but that’s the way it’s going to be.’” [Calgary Herald]

Conventions | Wizard World has released its annual report for 2012, and while its convention business was way up, from $3.8 million to $6.7 million, the company still finished the year with a net loss of $1 million. [The Beat]

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Plastic fantastic Archie & Friends

Although it has grown increasingly topical of late, Archie Comics has a longstanding tradition of producing special Earth Day stories. This year, in April’s Archie & Friends Double Digest #4, the Riverdale gang takes a hard look at the waste stream as Dianna Cohen, founder of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, and writer Angelo DeCesare (who wrote the “Twilite” parody) team up to produce the story “Bottle Battle!”

Annually millions of plastic bottles are recycled, but where do they go? Are they actually broken down a turned into something else? Or do they just disappear from sight? With the help of Veronica’s father Mr. Lodge, the kids from Riverdale High School discover what really happens to a bottle after the beverage is gone.

And in an interesting twist, the comic will be available through the usual venues (comics shops on March 30, newsstands on April 12) and as a single-issue subscription from the Archie Comics Store, which also offers a handful of other special issues like the “Riverdale Shore” parody, the Veronica meets President Obama issue, and the critically acclaimed Jughead #200.

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