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Raise your glass to fallen Shelf Porn from Napa, California


Happy Saturday and welcome to Shelf Porn, our weekly look at one fan’s collection. Today’s Shelf Porn only has one picture to go with it, but there’s a timely and compelling story behind it that any fan with a collection they fear could someday be ruined by Mother Nature will appreciate.

If you’d like to see your collection featured here on ROBOT 6, you can find instructions on how to do so at the end of this post.

And now let’s hear from C.T. from Napa, California …

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Support Japan by buying artwork from Periscope Studios

Akira by Dustin Weaver

The artists associated with Periscope Studios regularly post some pretty awesome artwork on their sketch blog, to the point where you kinda have to wonder how they could make it even more awesome. Which they have.

Last week Dylan Meconis, Colleen Coover, Dustin Weaver and several more of their artists created pieces that they’re auctioning off on eBay to benefit Peace Winds Japan, an organization providing emergency relief efforts in the earthquake and tsunami-ravaged country.

“I had pretty much told myself that I wouldn’t be participating in many more Periscope sketch challenges for a while because I need to be focused on work,” Weaver wrote on his LiveJournal. “But when the idea of doing a Japan week was suggested I was immediately on board. There are probably a lot of artists who feel this way, but for me this is a chance to give a little back to a country that has given me so much. Many of my greatest artistic inspirations are Japanese.” Weaver’s piece, above, should look familiar to fans of Akira.

You can find all the pieces up for auction on the studio’s eBay page.

Send Us Your Shelf Porn!

Shelf Porn isn’t always pretty. Sometimes, bad things happen to shelf porn. Bad things like earthquakes. Today we’ve got a very special but sad episode of Send Us Your Shelf Porn to share, courtesy of Mr. Maxwell Yezpitelok, who hails from Chile.

If you’ve read or seen the news at all lately, you know that Chile’s suffered a horrible 8.8 earthquake recently. As you might well imagine, Maxwell’s comics collection was not immune to the forces of nature. Today, he — in a rather good-natured and tongue-in-cheek fashion — surveys the damage for us.


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