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WonderCon | Hero Initiative’s Ed Hannigan print


The Hero Initiative has several things planned to raise money for comics creator Ed Hannigan, not the least of which is this limited edition print of the cover to Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #64. It is a limited edition of only 150 pieces signed by Hannigan, and can be bought for $25, first come-first served, at the Hero Initiative booth at WonderCon.

Valentino, Champagne cover Hannigan’s DC Sampler #1

DC Sampler cover + Valentino's homage

DC Sampler cover + Valentino's homage

So earlier today I posted about the Hero Initiative’s benefit party for Ed Hannigan at WonderCon, and the auctions they’re holding to raise money for the ailing artist.

One of the pieces they’re auctioning off is a “homage” piece that Jim Valentino and Keith Champagne drew based on Hannigan’s cover to a promo book that DC put out in 1983, called DC Sampler #1. I believe this was a free item — or at least was really, really cheap — that you could get from your local comic shop. It previewed the company’s publishing plans for the coming year, with pages dedicated to Amethyst, Omega Men, Arion, Arak, Firestorm and several other DC titles at the time.

The new version, however, isn’t a one-for-one homage … the duo took the same basic layout and replaced the DC characters with ones from Marvel, as you can see in the above image. The characters in the new piece are even in the same poses as their DC counterparts (with the exception of Spider-Man, who Valentino and Champagne added to the big tower-like structure in the middle). It looks like they had a lot of fun with it.

Cartoon Art Museum, Hero Initiative host benefit for Ed Hannigan during WonderCon

by Tom Lyle

by Tom Lyle

The Cartoon Art Museum and The Hero Initiative are teaming up for a party in honor of and to benefit veteran comics artist Ed Hannigan, who is suffering from multiple sclerosis, during the upcoming WonderCon in San Francisco. Hannigan’s work is also currently the subject of an exhibit at the museum.

Tickets for this event, scheduled for Friday, April 2, from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m., will be sold on a sliding scale. Ed Hannigan will receive a portion of the proceeds of all ticket sales above $20. Those who donate $35 or more will receive a special gift bag courtesy of the Cartoon Art Museum.

A silent auction will be held at the party, and all proceeds from the auction will go directly to Hannigan. Some of the pieces for the auction are recreations of past Hannigan covers, like the one to the right by Tom Lyle that recreates the classic cover to Avengers #223. You can check out the original here.

Many creators will be in attendance as special guests of the Cartoon Art Museum and the Hero Initiative. Confirmed guests include Arthur Adams, Amanda Conner, Sergio Aragones, Joyce Chin, Jimmy Palmiotti, Greg Rucka, Gail Simone, Jen Van Meter and more to be announced. You can find more information on the event here, and information on how to bid by proxy in the auction here.

The Hero Initiative needs your Ed Hannigan art


The Hero Initiative is putting together an art exhibit featuring the work of Ed Hannigan, whose work was featured in and on comics like Green Arrow, The Defenders, Superman, Batman and Spectacular Spider-Man, among others. They’re looking to borrow any original art for the exhibit from Dec. 15 through April 30; if you own any, contact Jim McLauchlin at jmclauch@aol.com.

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