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The Holy See gets unholy in ‘Roman Ritual’


Exorcism has long been staple of horror fiction, whether film, television, comics or prose. But two Spanish creators are dialing up  turning it up a notch by showing a person in need of an exorcism who lives at the Vatican. That’s right, the pope is possessed.

Debuting next week from Amigo Comics, Roman Ritual is a four-issue miniseries by El Torres and Jaime Martinez that sees self-exiled Catholic priest John Brennan summoned to Rome when the Pope becomes possessed. It’s certainly a provocative premise, and Torres and Martinez don’t shy away from it.

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Savage Dragon goes to hell in ‘Nancy’ crossover


It looks like Erik  Larsen‘s Savage Dragon is going on a road trip.

This February, Larsen’s fin-headed fan-favorite is taking a siesta from Image Comics and heading to Spain-based Amigo Comics for a crossover titled Nancy: A Dragon in Hell. In the full-color one-shot, the new “Savage” Dragon, Malcolm Dragon, meets Amigo founder El Torres’ Nancy in Hell universe, with promises of “plenty of demons, blood splashes and brain-dead zombies being ripped apart by a chainsaw.” Nancy in Hell was originally published at Image, but now Torres is relaunching the title at his own company.

“The son of the original Savage Dragon, Malcolm Dragon, is dragged to Hell by a Pig-Nun demon who arrived to Earth (Dragon’s Earth) answering the call of a High School goth chick,” the publisher states on its website. “Malcolm is transported into that hellish dimension, where he meets Nancy… and  Lucifer. And they will meet one of the old foes of The Savage Dragon: The Entity, sent away to the pits of Hell in the famous saga S. So, Nancy and Malcolm must rescue of Lucifer, captive of the Entity and Pig-Nun … riding a red-and-white 1958 Plymouth Fury.”

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Amigo Comics introduces head-turning adult fantasy ‘Lunita’


Since El Torres launched Amigo Comics earlier this year, he’s been bringing in a host of fellow European talents previously unseen by American audiences. And in the recently released November solicitations, he has a four-issue miniseries that looks primed to be a head turner.

Lunita, by writer Xavier Morell and artist Sergi San Julian, is described by the publisher as a “modern adult fantasy book,” mixing supernatural, action and a bit of noir. The book follows a modern-day witch named Lunita, who gets embroiled in a dangerous adventure when she discovers a new street drug that drags you, whether you like it or not, into the supernatural world. Lunita also promises to include government agents, sirens and even a creature from ancient Basque mythology called the Basajaun.

What first caught my eye is the stunning cover by San Julian, as previewed above. Lunita will mark the Spanish artist’s U.S. debut, but he’s worked on a series of books in Europe, including Gorka, which was inspired by Dave Sim’s Cerebus.

The first issue is set for release in November, and Amigo Comics has provided us with a look inside, as well as sketches by San Julian.

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El Torres Steps out with his own company, Amigo Comics

After breaking into American comics with series like Suicide Forest and Nancy in Hell, Spanish comics writer/editor El Torres is looking to do more … much more.

Last month, Torres launched his own comic book company, Amigo Comics, focused on creator-owned comics, beginning with a new swashbuckling series called Rogues! by him and his Nancy in Hell co-creator Juan Jose Ryp. In a press releases, Torres says Amigo Comics “plans on publishing their love for comics about fantasy, about horror and even science-fiction,” focusing exclusively on creator-owned comics.

“We we have so much stories hiding in our sick little minds, so we just could not help ourselves and set out to create Amigo,” Torres said. “Sure, it’s not the best of times for a venture like this. And on top of it all, most of us are living in Spain, so geographically challenged for having a presence in conventions and comic shops. But love conquers all, huh?”

The company’s initial offering, Rogues, is about a pair of thieves named Bram and the Weasel that Torres and Ryp created years ago for the Spanish market and are reviving in this new series. Amigo has several other series lined up such as The Westwood Witches, The Shadow Legion and Gargantuan. Amigo’s plans are to publish their work online via Graphic.ly and expand into comic stories with print comics later this year.

Here’s a teaser video Torres released about his new comics company:

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