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A different kind of comic from Sweden’s PEOW! Studio


There’s more than one kind of comic, and there’s more than one way to print it. And three Swedish artists have partnered as PEOW! Studio to publish their work, and that of others, using a Risograph. Launched in 2012, PEOW! Studio is a small press publisher, print shop and artist collective in Stockholm, releasing the works of founding artists Patrick Crotty, Elliot Alfredius and Olle Forsslöf, as well as that of others, through anthologies, art books, zines and prints. To date, its most popular release has been Jane Mai‘s Pond Smelt, a 32-page comic inspired by a popular social video game.

“Pond Smelt is based a bit on this video game called Animal Crossing, but it’s mostly about being an outsider and not fitting in, also friendship and love and stuff,” Forsslöf tells ROBOT 6. “It sounds a bit gloomy but it’s actually really cute and funny and if you’ve seen Jane Mai’s other stuff you know what to expect from it.”

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