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Robb Pratt amazes again with his homemade Superman cartoon

Last year Robb Pratt posted a stellar “Fleischer Brothers meets Mike Kunkel” Superman cartoon that he made in his spare time, featuring the Man of Steel, Lois Lane and a giant robot. Pratt is back with a new cartoon, this time pitting Superman against Bizarro in the aptly titled “Bizarro Classic.” Check it out below, and keep watching after the credits to see how he made the film (and how they did the voice for Bizarro … very cool).

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The Dark Knight vs. Wolverine in stylish Batman Deliverance

Batman Deliverance

French director Pierre Desgranges and Atomic Production have produced a Dark Knight Returns-inspired short film called Batman Deliverance that takes key elements of Frank Miller’s landmark comic — an aging Bruce Wayne, a Gotham plunged into chaos — and adds a bit of a twist. A hirsute, clawed twist.

The purists may not care for the addition of Wolverine to the story, but they’ll be hard pressed not to appreciate Desgranges’ beautifully shot, noirish film (don’t miss the Batcave!). Check out the video after the break.

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Grumpy Old Fan | Bizarre love triangle

Fanboy #5

Fanboy #5

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time once again to ask, “Are you ready for the thing called love?” It’s many-splendored, you know. All you need is love, so I hear; and if you are all out of love, you may still be able to make love out of nothing at all. Some say love, it is a river which drowns the tender reed. Others counter that love is a burning thing which makes a fiery ring. One fairly unimpeachable source asserts that love is patient and kind, it bears, hopes, abides, etc.

All that aside, however, I imagine that everyone reading this post feels that particular kind of love we call Fandom. Obviously fannish impulses are not always patient and kind; obviously fandom must take a back seat to more meaningful loves like friends and family. Still, it seems to me that fandom’s affections come from a very sincere place. At some point in our past, our hearts were touched by the charms of Star Trek, Wally West, the Cincinnati Reds, whatever — and somehow we felt better. For whatever reason, we wanted more. Fandom can turn ugly, but at its heart is hope — namely, the hope that whatever-it-is can give us that same lift again.

So today I write in appreciation of us fans. Not that we are always right; not that we always agree; but that we can each point to something which (as my parents would say) keeps us off the streets.

* * *

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Robb Pratt’s stellar animated Superman fan film

Animator and storyboard artist Robb Pratt created a one-minute “classic” Superman cartoon that’s been making the rounds, and it deserves every bit of praise it’s been getting. Click on the play button above to watch it, then stick around after the credits to hear Pratt talk about creating it. Good stuff.

(I believe I first saw it on ComicsAlliance)

Better than a motion comic: J. Torres fan film

YouTube user haiku132 created a short, sweet fan film from J. Torres and Tim Levins’s short comic How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love John Byrne. It’s simple pan-and-scan, but the music and pacing are just right. Take two minutes to enjoy it.

(via J. Torres’s blog)

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