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What Are You Reading? with Kelson Vibber

Elric: The Balance Lost

Hello and welcome to What Are You Reading? Today our special guest is Kelson Vibber, Flash fan and proprietor of the Speed Force blog. To see what Kelson and the Robot 6 crew have been reading, click below.

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SDCC ’09 | But who holds the record for the most fat Supermen in one place?

Guinness World Records was at the San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend presenting awards for various records achieved by comic books, TV shows and other activities you might associate with the con. Here’s a complete rundown of what they presented:

DC's Paul Levitz and Guinness’ Craig Glenday

DC's Paul Levitz and Guinness’ Craig Glenday

Longest Running Sitcom and Longest Running Animated TV Series – With over 443 episodes, The Simpsons is the longest running sitcom (by episode count) and longest running animated series. During its 20th season (2008-09), The Simpsons finally overtook the 435 episodes of former record holder The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (1952-66).

Best-selling Comic (single edition) – Spider-Man No.1, first published in August 1990, is the Best-selling Comic (single edition). With an initial print run of 2.35 million, the record-breaking edition was sold with a variety of differently colored covers and several reprints were ordered to keep up with high public demand.

Longest Continuosly Published Comic Book – The longest running comic book is Detective Comics, which has been printed continuously by DC Comics in the USA since Issue #1 in March 1937. The comic introduced the character of Batman in Issue #27 in May 1939.

Most Successful Sci-fi TV Show – Doctor Who, the longest running sci-fi television show, is now the Most Successful Sci-fi Show on Television. Based on the length of the show’s run and international sales data, the series about the adventures of the iconic Time Lord was presented with the new record at Comic-Con 2009 International.

Most Digital Effects in a TV Series – Farscape employed about 25 computer artists to create between 40 and 50 effects shot per episode. The effects team had just seven days to work on each episode, at a rate of 22 episodes per year.

Largest Gathering of Zombies – The record largest gathering of zombies was achieved by 3,894 participants in the ‘Red White and Dead Zombie Party’ in association with Night Zero on July 3, 2009 in Seattle, Washington. Ryan Reiter, Artistic Director for Freemont Outdoor Cinema Events.

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SDCC ’09 | BOOM! Studios exclusives, plus signing and panel schedule

incredibles1BOOM! Studios has several SDCC exclusives this year, including hardcover collections of their recent Incredibles, Muppet Show, Cars and Farscape limited series. They’ll also have a preview book of their upcoming Kill Audio comic by Claudio Sanchez. And signing at their booth during the con will be Sanchez, Mark Waid, Muppet Show writer/artist Roger Langridge, Farscape creator Rockne S. O’Bannon, Eureka’s Andrew Cosby and Ed Quinn and many more.

Check out their full schedule after the jump.

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SDCC ’09 | Saturday and Sunday at the con



The programming schedules for Saturday and Sunday have been released.

What was once the most insane day at the con is now the most pleasant one to spend on the dealer room floor, for the most part … with every single day being a sellout, the crowds never let up, but last year there were so many huge media panels on Saturday that you could actually walk across the movie section of the dealer room floor and get a decent look around. So bring on those pilot premieres and Q&A’s, Hall H ….

Here are some of the Saturday highlights:

  • Comic-wise, you’ve got publisher panels for Wildstorm, SLG Publishing, Dark Horse, IDW’s Angel panel, Marvel’s Dark Reign event, BOOM!’s Farscape books, Aspen, Del Rey Manga and Del Rey Comics, Archaia, American Original and DC’s Blackest Night event, among others. Gerard Way will be announcing his next project, while Terry Moore will talk about Echo.
  • Marvel and DC also have panels for their big upcoming video game releases, Marvel Ultimate Alliances 2 and the DCU MMORG.
  • There are lots of TV panels on Saturday, for old con stalwarts like Lost, Heroes, Chuck, Spongebob SquarePants, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Ben 10, Venture Bros. and Futurama as well as new shows like Eastwick, The Cleveland Show, Glee, Warehouse 13, Human Target, The Vampire Diaries, V and Marvel’s The Super Hero Squad Show.
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SDCC ’09 | Exclusives, Green Lantern, Farscape and more

The 2009 San Diego Comic-Con is less than a month away, with preview night kicking things off on Wednesday, July 22. If you are a publisher, creator, retailer or any other kind of exhibitor who would like to let folks know about any special plans you have for the show (panels, signing schedules, exclusives, debuts, etc.) drop me an email and I’ll run it here.


Exclusives | Artist Daniel m. Davis, who does a webcomic called Monster Commute, will have an exclusive print at the show.

“Limited to an edition of 150 pieces, this print depicts the heroes and villains of this steampunk comic,” Davis said over email. “Available only at the Steam Crow booth #4207, it measures 12 x 18 inches, and is printed on satin matte paper. A similar exclusive print sold out in about an hour at the 2009 Emerald City Comicon.”

Signed and numbered by the artist, the print will sell for $20.

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Farscape: 10 years and still going strong



Today marks the 10th anniversary of the cult hit Farscape, and while the TV show may be over, the comic continues. In fact, BOOM! Studios announced today that the first issue of their first Farscape mini-series has gone into a third printing.

“We were blown away by the reaction to the first printing of FARSCAPE #1,” said Editor-in-Chief Mark Waid in a press release. “So when we went to a second print, we were pretty darn happy. We cannot believe that we have sold completely out of all of that now!”

The third printing is due in stores April 8. In addition, in celebration of the anniversary, the Henson Company is selling a limited edition T-shirt. It’s only available today, so be sure to order it before midnight if you want one.

Update #1: The Henson Company has extended T-shirt sales through Sunday.

Update #2: BOOM! sent out another press release today announcing a third printing of issue #2 of Farscape.

WonderCon | Wonder Woman’s ‘West Coast big screen premiere’

WonderCon kicks off a week from Friday at the Moscone Center South in San Francisco. The show welcomes special guests Jim Lee, Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, Brian Azzarello, Jill Thompson, Alex Robinson and many more Feb. 27-March 1.

From now until the show kicks off, I’ll be posting round-ups of what various publishers, creators, retailers, etc. have planned for the show. If you’d like your booth schedule, special event or other information included, drop me an email.

General information: Programming | Registration | Special guests | Autographs

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

• The Wonder Woman animated DVD, which comes out March 3, will receive “a West Coast big screen premiere” at the show, per a press release from Time Warner.

The 6 p.m. screening will be followed by a panel discussion featuring filmmakers and voice cast, including Bruce Timm and Academy Award nominee Virginia Madsen. Filmmakers will also screen the world premiere of the first footage of Green Lantern: First Flight, the next DC Universe animated DVD.

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NYCC | Whedon, Futurama and more

With the New York Comic Con coming up Feb. 6-8, we’re posting information on the various things fanscan do and see at the show. If you’re a publisher, creator, retailer or otherwise exhibiting at the show, feel free to drop me an email with your plans for the show.

General information: Ticket info | Panels | Autographs | 2009 ICv2 Graphic Novel Conference | Blog

• The NYCC blog Medium at Large has more details on the Joss Whedon/Dollhouse preview panel, set for Sunday at 12:45 p.m. ET, which is currently being advertised on the CBR home page. They’ve also announced they’ll be showing the next Futurama movie, Into the Wild Green Yonder.

Love and Capes creator Thom Zahler is bringing Valentines to the show:

Love and Capes

Love and Capes

I will be at NYCC next weekend with tons of Love and Capes stuff. I’ll have new Valentines featuring Mark and Abby. Kind of like Ralph Wiggum’s “I Choo-Choo-Choose You” one. I’ll be selling the complete run of LNC, the trade, sketchbooks, t-shirts and pins. And I’ll be doing commissions all weekend, too! If you come by the booth, too, you may see a glimpse of the new promotion I’ll be doing for Mark and Abby’s upcoming wedding.

If people aren’t going to be able to attend, they can still go to my site and print out the LNC Valentine and give it to their Special Someone. While there, they can enter the Love and Capes Valentine’s Day contest. You can win some books, a set of matching t-shirts, and even some chocolate. That contest ends February 2nd, so time is running out. (But that way you’ll get the goodies before Valentine’s Day.)

For more info, visit www.loveandcapes.com or http://www.loveandcapes.com/love-and-capes-valentine.html for the contest info.

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Guest review: Farscape #1

I became a fan of Farscape pretty late in the game, after it had been on Sci Fi for a few seasons. And the reason why I decided to check the show out was because a friend of mine from an amateur press association I was in at the time had so many wonderful things to say about it (and she was right). So I asked that friend, Betty Ragan, if she’d be willing to read and review BOOM! Studios’ new Farscape comic for Robot 6, as I thought it might be interesting to hear what a hardcore Farscape fan who isn’t a hardcore comics fan (although she isn’t a complete comics newbie, as she’s read stuff like Watchmen, Persepolis and Bone) thought about the book.

My thanks to Betty for taking the time to write up her thoughts … and, again, for recommending the television show in the first place.


by Betty Ragan

Farscape #1

Farscape #1

Fans of Farscape have been waiting since 2004’s Peacekeeper Wars miniseries for an official continuation of the series in any medium, and many ended up having to wait even longer than expected after bad weather kept many U.S. comic stores from receiving the first issue of BOOM! Studios’ new Farscape comic on time. But now the wait is over, the comic is here, and I am pleased to report that, for this Scaper, at least, the result does not disappoint!

Visually, it’s attractive in a way that captures the design and feel of the show pretty well; the shipboard “sets,” in particular, were familiar enough to make me feel instantly nostalgic. I will say that to my admittedly un-artistic eye some of the characters match the look of their TV counterparts better than others, but all of them were obviously rendered by someone paying genuine attention to the source material.

The same is also most certainly true of the characters. The dialog is so absolutely spot-on that I could effortlessly “hear” everyone’s voices in my mind, and more than once I found myself thinking “Oh, that is so them!” about one person or another. And precisely because the characters all feel so right, the comic manages to capture the show’s unique sensibilities perfectly, especially its wacky, pop-culture-savvy, largely character-based sense of humor. I was actually glad to be reading this in private, because I laughed out loud several times in the course of the story.

The overall effect is very much that of watching a new episode after a long, Scape-less drought, not least because it is very firmly placed in the show’s continuity, taking up essentially where the miniseries left off. It also works in a fun reference or two to earlier episodes, in ways that should not, I think, be confusing for more casual fans. In fact, there’s enough back story provided here that I suspect the story should be reasonably accessible even to those who’ve never watched the show, although that exposition is presented in ways that, as a huge fan, myself, I found pleasing rather than dull.

Really, the only way in which it’s not satisfyingly like watching a new episode of Farscape is that it is in fact much more like watching the beginning of an episode. As soon as the story really gets going, unsurprisingly, the installment is over. But, oh, well. We Scapers have become very, very good at waiting for the “to be continued.”

BOOM! Studios’ Chip Mosher on Hexed, Farscape and more

Chip Mosher at Disneyland

Chip Mosher at Disneyland

Yesterday Mark Waid, editor-in-chief of BOOM! Studios, announced via a YouTube video that BOOM! would post full issues of their Hexed mini-series on MySpace the same day the book was released in stores, just like they did with the North Wind mini-series a year ago. As I was already talking to Chip Mosher, their sales and marketing guy, about several other things going on with BOOM! when the video was released, I was able to sneak in a few questions about the promotion as well.

My thanks to Chip for his time.

JK: Last year BOOM! put the complete North Wind mini-series up on MySpace Comic Books, with each issue going up on the day it hit retailers’ shelves. And now you’re doing it again with HEXED. Why did you choose HEXED, versus any of your other titles?

Chip: Right time. Right place. Right book.

Personally, I see Hexed as one of the books that is kicking off BOOM! 3.0. I consider Mark coming on board as E-i-C as BOOM! 2.0 — where he spearheaded the stabilizing of the line-up and built up editorial. I look at this next year as BOOM! 3.0 — where the promise of Mark Waid as E-i-C is realized in full. The team here at BOOM! is running on all cylinders. You’ll see a whole host of books coming out of BOOM! in the next year, shepherded by Mark and the editorial team, that will just rock your socks off.

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