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Static Shock returns to comic stores this May

Static Shock #1

DC Comics has revealed the release date, art team and first cover for Milestone Media and cartoon star Static’s new ongoing series. Static Shock #1 by Felicia Henderson, Scott McDaniel and Jonathan Glapion will arrive in May, with a cover (above) by Keron Grant.

Announced last July, Static Shock sees the return of the second Milestone Comics character to his own comics series this year, as Virgil Hawkins joins Xombi on comic store shelves again.

Static was one of the four original titles published by Milestone Media back in the 1990s, and his title ended in 1997. He made the jump to TV in the form of an animated series, Static Shock, and joined the Teen Titans shortly after the Milestone characters were merged into the DC Universe in 2008.

Brought to you by the color red: DC Comics Solicitations for September 2009

Grumpy Old Fan

Grumpy Old Fan

The September solicitations are here, bringing with them another month’s worth of teases and puffery.  There are ongoing series for the Red Circle characters, a new edition of Red Son, and a paperback featuring a Communist Lady Blackhawk.  As if that weren’t enough, this batch includes the start of a long-awaited Superman miniseries, the highly-anticipated conclusion of Flash:  Rebirth, and a couple of minor characters in desperate need of some salesmanship.  I’m also fairly sure that DC has made some kind of history in its writing corps.

Before we get to that, though, a non-solicitation item.  I’m pretty happy that DC will be putting at least part of Wednesday Comics in a newspaper, even if it’s just the first installment of the Superman strip in one issue of USA Today. You may remember a couple of months ago that I went off on a little tirade about DC not supporting Wednesday Comics sufficiently, and while this isn’t quite what I had in mind, it may be pretty effective.

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