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NYCC ’10 | There’s got to be a morning after

Steampunk Iron Man cosplayer (from Marvel's Flickr feed)

• Organizers estimate that weekend attendance topped 95,000, ICv2 reports, up from 77,000 the previous year (when the convention was held in February). Next year’s event is set for Oct. 14-16.

• At, Kelly Faircloth and Alasdair Wilkins round up NYCC’s bestselling comics — among them, Darwyn Cooke’s just-released IDW adaptation of The Outfit, True Blood, The Walking Dead, and a handful of BOOM! Studios’ licensed titles.

• At The Daily Cross Hatch, Brian Heater files a lengthy convention report, complete with photos: “One thing New York Comic Con has had going for it in past years was a genuine focus on comics culture. Other ‘geek media’ has certainly been present from the beginning, but certainly nowhere as invasive as it tends to be at a show like San Diego. This year, however, it’s clear that the show’s organizers have no issue letting it take a backseat to glitzier undertakings. Perhaps the show’s ultimate saving grace will be the fact that it’s so far from Hollywood that it just doesn’t make sense for movie makers to invest as much in the event—yet another reason to pray that the Spider-Man musical doesn’t prove a massive hit.”

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See photos of people reading comics in public

Reading comics on the beach in Brighton, England

There’s a nice Flickr photo pool developing for Saturday’s inaugural International Read Comics in Public Day. The group already features submissions from Poland, England, Malaysia, Colombia, Spain, Germany, the Philippines, and across the United States.

Thirty-eight-and-a-half rogues

Batman villains by Dennis Culver

Batman villains by Dennis Culver

No, it’s not CBS’s latest comedy sensation — it’s the culmination of artist Dennis Culver’s deeply awesome “draw one Batman villain per day” project on flickr. Last time we checked in he was a little over halfway through; today he posted the final line-up, and the Bat-nerd inside me did a little Batdance in Bat-celebration. Of particular interest is Culver’s bro-tastic take on the Joker. (Bros killing bros?) Given the depth of Batman’s rogues-gallery bench, Culver easily could have kept this up for another month — and honestly, I kinda hope he will. (Maxie Zeus! Amygdala! Anarky! Doctor Hurt! The Mutant Leader! Heck, Superman!) Till then, click, browse, enjoy.

Straight for the art | J.R. Williams’ homages

Williams' 'Batman laughing'

Williams' 'Batman laughing'

Former cartoonist J.R. Williams (anyone remember Crap?) has a rather neat Flickr site where’s he’s posting all sorts of homages/swipes/tributes to classic comic book characters, some of which, it should be noted, might possibly be NSFW. (via)

Straight for the art | Jack Teagle


I don’t think I’ve ever come across Jack Teagle’s work before, but I sure do like his Flickr set of paintings, especially this collection of small portraits of various sci-fi, comic book and pop culture characters. (via)

Straight for the art | Stuff I Remember


Graham Annable has a Flickr set he’s been regularly updated to entitled Stuff I Remember, which focuses on random memories of his childhood. Take the above image for instance:

I spent countless hours in our living room reading Stephen King novels and listening to cassettes over and over. Each book has a particular album attached to it that I still hear in my head anytime I see the book cover. “Pet Sematary” will be forever linked to The Fixx “Phantoms” for me.


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