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Frank Castle delivers death, bad wordplay in animated ‘Pun-isher’


After his family was murdered by the mafia, ex-Marine Frank Castle turned to a life of vigilantism, waging a bloody one-man war against crime as The Punisher. However, as this latest video from Animation Domination High-Def demonstrates, Castle could’ve gone down a far darker path … and embraced the sordid world of puns.

Sure, The Punisher still deals out justice one bullet at a time, but in this animated parody, he also serves up wordplay so bad that it would make David Caruso roll his eyes.

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The many faces of Frank Castle, by Paolo Rivera

Punisher character study by Paolo Rivera

Paolo Rivera’s blog is always a joy for process junkies, filled with glimpses behind the curtain at projects in various stages of completion and, a personal favorite, “Wacky Reference Wednesday,” in which posts photos (typically of himself) he uses as references for composition or character poses. This morning is no exception: The Daredevil artist dusts off a three-year-old character study of The Punisher, which includes the rare shot of the vigilante laughing. I particularly like the death’s head detail on Frank Castle’s ammo pouches. Visit Rivera’s blog to see a larger version of the image.

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