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Stuck in the Middle

Libraries | An editorial in the Lewiston, Maine, newspaper praises a local school board’s decision last week to leave the 2007 comics anthology Stuck in the Middle: 17 Comics from an Unpleasant Age in the Buckfield Junior-Senior High School library following a parent’s complaints about “objectionable sexual and language references”: “American culture can be graphically sexual and explicitly foul and it’s important that young people learn how to navigate that world in a responsible way. The best possible way, of course, is for parents to steer their children through that process, but not every parent does and many children are left adrift. So, the next-better place to learn is the school library, where a responsible adult can help educate children about their hormone-charged emerging feelings in a confusingly sensual culture.” [Sun Journal]

Business | Wizard magazine founder Gareb Shamus, who resigned earlier this month as president and chief executive officer of Wizard World Inc., will sell most of his shares in the company to his successor, who’s expected to be named next month. [Bleeding Cool]

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Webcomics creator tries the honor system

Frank Page has been drawing Bob the Squirrel since 2002—”in internet years, that makes the strip as old as the last ice age,” he said in an e-mail—and he draws much of his inspiration from everyday life. “90% of what happens to me in my real life, whether it is ugly, embarrassing or not, gets put in the strip,” he said. “It’s that willingness to show the blemishes that really speaks to my readers. Anyone who draws a daily comic strip will agree that the process of creating is simultaneously the best therapy and the quickest route to insanity.”

Perhaps that’s why he hit on what seems at first like a crazy idea: He put together a 22-page comic telling the origin story of the title character and invited readers to download it and pay whatever they think is fair. So how’s that going? I was curious, so I e-mailed Frank a couple of questions, and he was kind enough to respond. While donations were “all over the map,” he said, “people seem to be comfortable with the $3-$5 range,” which he characterized as “very fair.”

Quick Q&A after the jump.

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