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Freaky Friday: All new, sorta different

If I tell you the title it will spoil the joke

If I tell you the title it will spoil the joke

Welcome to the newly revamped Freaky Friday, where we gather all the “weird” comic-related links that don’t quite fit easily in any one heading or are just strange enough to make you sit up and take notice. If you come across something that makes you do a double or spit-take, let us know by clicking on the “contact us” link on the lower right.

* We’ll kick off with an amusing and somewhat dark little strip Derek Ballard did for Vice magazine that I shall not spoil at all.

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Freaky Friday: The Enlarged Kirby edition


Time for another edition edition of Freaky Friday, where we plop all the oddball, lovely, does not fall into easy categorization links in one swell foop so you can spend the day avoiding as much work as possible. Ready? Let’s begin …


* Tom Hart shares some “Enlarged Kirbys.”

* Daryl Cagle shows us how to draw departing President George W. Bush.

* Douglas Wolk has been posting samples from his convention sketchbook on his blog and the stuff is simply amazing. Look at this for instance. Or this!

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