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In honor of International Clown Week, a look at clown comics


Did you know that Aug. 1-7 was International Clown Week? On Aug. 2, 1971, President Richard Nixon issued a proclamation to honor those who “go into orphanages and children’s hospitals, homes for the elderly and for the retarded, and give a part of themselves.” It also states that clowns are “as vital to the maintenance of our humanity as the builders and the growers and the governors.” And thus International Clown Week was established.

Perhaps you knew nothing of this strange little proclamation, nor of this week’s significance. Or perhaps you did know, and you’ve been hiding under your sheets all week to stave off imaginary Pennywises and Captain Spauldings.

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FourPlay String Quartet sets Langridge’s Fred the Clown to music

I mentioned in April that a musical group was planning to set one of Roger Langridge’s Fred the Clown stories to music and do a live performance of it as a part of a TEDx event. That performance, by FourPlay String Quartet, is now up on YouTube (watch it below).

And speaking of Langridge, he mentioned earlier this month his plans to raise money for The Hero Initiative by charging for sketches of Marvel and DC characters at HeroesCon. He posted on his blog this week that he raised $360 for the charity. You can see the sketches he drew on his blog.

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Roger Langridge’s Fred the Clown to become a live musical webcast next month

Fred the Clown

Roger Langridge, known for his work on the Eisner-nominated Snarked! as well as The Muppets, Popeye and Thor: The Mighty Avenger, is listed as a speaker on the TEDxSydney website. Langridge, however, isn’t actually going to be at TEDx conference set for May 26.

“A musical group has set one of my Fred the Clown stories to music and they’re going to be doing a live webcast of the performance,” he said in an email. “All I did was supply them with some digital files that they’ll be using as slides to accompany the music. They actually performed it a couple of years ago I think, but I never saw it, so I’m rather looking forward to getting to see it at last.”

That sounds like fun; I’ll mark my calendar to post a link to it once it is up.

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