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Comics A.M. | Meet the son of the real-life Jughead

Art by Bob Montana

Art by Bob Montana

Comics | In possibly the most awesome local-news profile ever, Jeff Linehan of Boxford, Massachusetts, talks about what it’s like to be the son of Jughead: His father, Richard “Skinny” Linehan, was a classmate of Archie creator Bob Montana, and the original model for ol’ Needlenose. The elder Linehan was a classmate of Montana’s at Haverhill High, and Montana is known to have drawn several of the characters from people he knew there. The interview is promoting an upcoming show of Archie memorabilia that will include a screening of the documentary Archie’s Betty, which looks at the real-life inspirations for the Riverdale gang. [Tri-Town Transcript]

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Quote of the day | Ted Rall on working for free

Does the Society pay any of its staff? Does it rent office space? Does it buy office supplies? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” please consider paying cartoonists and other creators. Cartooning is hard work, and it deserves recompense.

Ted Rall, when the American Cancer Society asked cartoonists to create three characters for a smoking-cessation campaign, by Nov. 1, for free. Rall’s response is polite but pointed, noting that the CEO of the American Cancer Society makes $914,906 per year. and advising them that many cartoonists resent being asked to work for free, so this could backfire on them.

(via The Beat, where a fascinating discussion ensues in the comments section)

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