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LOL Cats creator holds Haiti benefit auction

Panel from the strip in question

Panel from the strip in question

Laugh Out Loud Cats creator Ape Lad is auctioning off one of his recent comic strips (the 130th to be exact) on eBay, with 100 percent of the profits going to Haiti relief efforts. Free shipping too! You can see a larger version of the comic over here.  (via)

Move over R. Crumb, here’s the Comic Torah


Apropos of Crumb’s recent Genesis adaptation, here’s another attempt to bring the classic old testament tales into the comics medium courtesy of Sharon Rosenzweig and Aaron Freeman. The Comic Torah is a much more interpretive, looser adaptation of those classic Bible stories, with God portrayed as a woman, for instance, and the Land of Milk and Honey becoming an actual character of sorts. You can read a summation of the story here, or start reading the story here.

The creators are trying to self-publish a full-color edition of the work and have initiated a Kickstarter project with the goal of raising $12,000. So check it out and if you like what you see, throw a couple of bucks their way.

(found via Bleeding Cool)

Not comics: Cancer Vixen beauty supplies

bkitcancervixenlarge2In case you weren’t aware of it, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month here in the U.S. (I don’t know about elsewhere in the world). To help get the word out, Cancer Vixen author and cancer survivor (and New Yorker cartoonist) Marisa Acocella Marchetto has teamed up with Bigelow Chemists to put together a special limited edition beauty kit.

The kit, featuring Marchetto’s illustrations, includes all-time favorite C.O. Bigelow formulas: Lemon Cream Body Wash (1.7 oz.), Lemon Body Cream (1.7 oz.), Mentha Lip Tint in Pink Mint (0.5 oz.), Mentha Foot Tingling Foot Cream (2 oz.), and Dr. Hiosous Quince Hand Lotion (2 oz.).

The kit costs $29.50. In addition, Bigelow will donate $250,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. (found via Bleeding Cool)

Cartoonists band together for health care art auction

Hornschemeier's Beasts art

Hornschemeier's Beasts art

Anders Nilsen (Big Questions, Dogs and Water) has organized an impressive array of big-name cartoonists to participate in an ongoing art auction and fundraiser designed to promote universal health care. Entitled the “46 Million Art Auction and Benefit,” it features contributions from folks like Chris Ware, Ivan Brunetti, Dan Clowes, Kevin Huizenga, John Porcellino, Jeffrey Brown, Lynda Barry, Paul Hornschemeier and many, many more.

The auction runs until September 6th, in 10-minute increments. All proceeds will go to Democracy for America Now, a national advocacy group pushing for the Public Option in democratic swing districts and offering support to congressional members who take a stand for the policy. To see the art, go to ebay and do a search for “46 million.”

For more details, check out Jeffrey Brown’s blog, which has detailed info on the what, when and why, or go to Hornschemeier’s blog.

Mike Cope takes up the Schulz challenge

The other week I mentioned how Jean Schulz is matching ever dollar donated to the planned renovations for the Ohio State Cartoon Library and Museum. Now Canadian cartoonist Mike Cope wrote to let us know that he plans to take up the challenge by pledging $2 for every copy of his book “The Last of the Funnies” sells from now until March 2014. Look, he even made a promotional video about it:

Anyone else out there doing something similar? Let us know.

Who will take the Schulz challenge?

The Ohio State Cartoon Library and Museum houses one of the largest and most respected collections of comic art in the United States. Now the very crowded library is looking to renovate:

Located at a highly visible location along High Street and adjacent to the Wexner Center for the Arts, the historic Sullivant Hall is in dire need of repair. The planned renovation will provide 40,000 gross square feet of space for the new Cartoon Library and Museum that will include a spacious reading room for researchers, three museum-quality galleries, and expanded storage with state-of-the-art environmental and security controls. A dedicated ground-level entry will allow for easy access to the new facility. The addition of exhibition galleries dedicated to cartoon art will facilitate public display of the Library’s extraordinary collection. Total renovation costs are estimated at $20.6 million.

To help raise the necessary funds, Charles Schulz’s widow, Jean (who has already given $1 million of her own money) is  declaring she will match every dollar donated to the museum, up to $2.5 million. So don’t delay, head over here and send a few bucks to the OSU.

Or, see this video the library made to underscore their need to renovate:

(via the Schulz Library blog)

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