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Watch Tony Hale & Adam Pally Fight for Glory in Funny or Die’s ‘Captain America: Civil War Re-Enactors’


#TeamCap and #TeamIronMan just drafted their worst recruits.

In a sketch that honors the Merry Marvel manner of Not Brand Ecch, comedy stars Tony Hale and Adam Pally play a pair of committed Civil War re-enactors hellbent on breathing life into the conflict between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark through a dramatic re-staging of events. The epic, 13-minute send-up eschews fandom at its silliest, delusion at its finest, passions at their strongest, and uniforms at their saggiest.

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Superman doesn’t know his own strength in Funny Or Die short


The Man of Steel’s accountability was a central theme in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” specifically following the destruction seen in the final act of 2013’s “Man of Steel.” But there’s one thing Superman didn’t do in either “Man of Steel” or “BvS”: accidentally and unknowingly crush puny humans under his boots. A new short from Funny or Die posits what it would have looked like if Superman was really oblivious to his power — and if he also didn’t watch where he was landing.

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Don Cheadle is a power-mad Captain Planet: ‘Trees are still my jam’

More than a year after Iron Man 2 actor Don Cheadle donned a green wig and body paint to play Captain Planet in a hilarious, and off-color, send-up for Funny Or Die, the Academy Award nominee is back, this time as the malevolent protector of a dystopian world in which those who offend him are transformed into trees. Or broccoli. Or bunnies.

The video ends with “To Be Continued,” so hopefully we won’t have to wait another year for the next installment.

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