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Rejoin The Perry Bible Fellowship with new comic, old cartoons

from "Memorabilia" by Nick Gurewitch

from "Memorabilia" by Nick Gurewitch

And there was much rejoicing (yay): I fired up my RSS reader this morning when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a new Perry Bible Fellowship comic strip by Nichols Gurewitch! Reunited and it feels so good.

Meanwhile, the infrequency of PBF updates is explained in part by Gurewitch’s forays into animation; click the link and check the sidebar on the left for links to several shorts he wrote for the BBC. This one’s my favorite:

Elite Fleet Ep. 2 – The Broken Code from Alec Lourmier on Vimeo.

Robot 666 | Kate Beaton draws Dracula

Becky Cloonan’s “Sluts of Dracula” post hinted that this might be on the way, and behold, it’s a thing of beauty: Historical and literary gag cartoonist extraordinaire Kate Beaton takes on Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the Victorian classic of horror and sex (and horror of sex). She nails it. Or drives a stake through it, whichever. Read the whole thing.

Unbound: Gag comics that won’t make you gag

The internet abounds in gag comics. The three- or four-panel gag strip is by far the dominant form, and you find it all over the web, both generic comics and those catering to various niches. Of course, as with all things webcomic, finding the comcs is easy but finding the good comics is more of a challenge.

So here is a sampling of gag comics that I have been reading lately. Some are thigh-slappers, while others are more likely to elicit a smile, but there’s a good deal of variation in style and topic, which hopefully means there’s a comic in here for every funnybone. And if you were to subscribe to the RSS feed of each of these, your news reader would have its own funny page every morning. Sort of like your local newspaper—only funnier.


Bug is a minimalist comic that is all about the joke. The characters are one step up from stick-men, and they are completely anonymous—there is no consistent character from one strip to another. The art is simple, but it does the job, which is to showcase creator Adam Huber’s deadpan humor. Every strip is a witty twist on some aspect of modern life, from what hang gliders are thinking to why canes are cooler than walkers, and every one so far has been dead on.

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