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Comics A.M. | ‘Bad Batman’ arrested in string of armed robberies


Crime | Deputies in Orange County, Florida, have arrested a man suspected of committing eight armed robberies — two of which while dressed as Batman. Investigators say 26-year-old Juan Carlos Nieves Morales — dubbed the “Bad Batman” — kicked off the string of crimes on Jan. 22, targeting Dollar Stores, food stores and even a paint shop. He allegedly entered the businesses armed with a black or silver handgun, and demand cash, and sometimes even property, from the employees. [CBS12, WDBO]

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‘Breaking Cat News’ brings up-to-the-minute cuteness

Devastation in the Kitchen

I can’t remember which of my Facebook friends turned me on to Georgia Dunn’s Breaking Cat News, but whoever it is, I want to buy them a beer. I’m not one of those people who watches cat videos all day, but the adorably deadpan news-gathering trio of Elvis, Lupin and Puck has captured my heart.

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