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Cancel the apocalypse: The giant-robot battle is ON!


MegaBots closed out its Kickstarter campaign with a whopping $554, 592, ensuring Team USA will come locked and loaded to its eagerly anticipated giant-robot battle with Japan.

On June 30, a day that will surely go down in history, U.S. company MegaBots threw down the gauntlet, challenging Japan to a mecha showdown, with nothing less than national pride at stake. Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industry accepted, but immediately raised the stakes: This wouldn’t just be any fight between enormous piloted robots; this would be full-on hand-to-hand combat.

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MegaBots needs help in its giant-robot battle against Japan


You’ll recall that on June 30 — a date that undoubtedly will be celebrated by future generations as a national holiday — American company MegaBots boldly challenged Japan to a giant-robot battle. Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industry accepted, but promptly raised the stakes, demanding full-on hand-to-hand combat. Now MegaBots needs some help to make that happen.

The company, which specializes in creating giant piloted fighting robots, has launched a $500,000 Kickstarter campaign to pay for upgrades to its 12,000-pound, 15-foot MegaBot Mark II. Sure, it can already fire 3-pound paint cannonballs at speeds of 100 miles per hour, but it needs more. This is America, after all!

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Japan accepts challenge to glorious giant-robot battle


The mecha duel is on!

Mere days after being challenged by U.S.-based MegaBots to a showdown between giant piloted fighting robots, Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industry has accepted, and then promptly raised the stakes.

“We can’t let another country win this,” Suidobashi founder Kogoro Kurata says in his response video (after talking a bit of smack, naturally). “Giant robots are Japanese culture. Yeah, I’ll fight. Absolutely.”

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U.S. company challenges Japan to a giant-robot battle


After introducing the MegaBot Mark II, “America’s first fully functional giant piloted robot,” there was really only one thing left for MegaBots Inc. to do:  Challenge Japan to a giant-robot battle.

Seriously, if you had a mecha what would you do? Build public-works projects? Hell no, you’d fight other robots! For America!

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Robb Pratt amazes again with his homemade Superman cartoon

Last year Robb Pratt posted a stellar “Fleischer Brothers meets Mike Kunkel” Superman cartoon that he made in his spare time, featuring the Man of Steel, Lois Lane and a giant robot. Pratt is back with a new cartoon, this time pitting Superman against Bizarro in the aptly titled “Bizarro Classic.” Check it out below, and keep watching after the credits to see how he made the film (and how they did the voice for Bizarro … very cool).

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Start Reading Now | Robot God Akamatsu

Like all right-thinking people, James Biggie and Frankie B. Washington love a good giant-robot story, especially when the robot’s beating up on giant monsters. That’s why they’ve created a webcomic about just that. Inspired by ’80s cartoons and toys like Gundam, Voltron and Mattel’s Shogun Warriors, Robot God Akamatsu tells the story of an enormous, mechanical god who once protected Atlantis from monstrous threats and has returned to present-day Boston to serve the same purpose.

How that will impact the lives of college drop-out Jin and his super-scientist father is something that Biggie and Washington are just starting to explore, so now is a perfect time to check out the series. It uses Issuu as an interface and requires using your mouse to scroll around the page, but once you get used to that it’s an easy, intuitive way to read a comic on the screen. Part One, Part Two, Part Three, and Part Four.

Giant robots come to Hogwarts

Neill Cameron is the creator of Mo-Bot High, a British graphic novel that he describes as a “giant robot high school comedy epic,” so it seems natural that he would add giant robots to the Harry Potter stories. Actually, here’s how it came about:

so aaaages ago I made a Funny Joke on twitter, announcing my delight at the news that I’d landed the assignment of producing graphic novel adaptations of all seven Harry Potter novels… but that I would of course be making some changes. This was just an excuse for me to make up lots of silly titles: Harry Potter and the Unusually Large Baby, Harry Potter and the Drunk Jellyfish, that sort of thing. Anyway, comics writer, journalist and tweeter par excellence Chris Sims chimed in with “Harry Potter and The Hell With It, They All Have Giant Robots Now.” And lo, my mind was blown.

Cameron has worked up some nice character sketches of Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the others. I burned out on the Harry Potter books on volume 3, but I have to say, I would totally read Cameron’s graphic novel. Think about it, JK!

Comics A.M. | The once and future Extreme Studios; Colleen Doran’s digital success


Creators | With the announcement that Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Studios is back in business, former Extreme Studios employee and current Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson reflects on his time with the studio. “From 1992-1998, Extreme Studios was more or less my life. Youngblood, Supreme, Brigade, Bloodstrike, Team Youngblood, New Men, Prophet, Youngblood: Strikefile, Bloodpool, Glory… We put out a lot of comics, and for the most part everyone involved was incredibly young. Rob and I were amongst the oldest at 25. So many of the artists involved in various aspects of production were just out of their teens, and that made the work as frustrating as it was fun. But looking back, the main thing I remember about that time is Rob wanted to share his success with people who loved comics and wanted to make a living in the business as much as he had.” [It Sparkles!]

Webcomics | A Distant Soil creator Colleen Doran, who began serializing the comic online in 2009, notes “my bottom line is up significantly, and my online audience is ten times higher than when I started the five day a week online serialization of A Distant Soil 2.5 years ago.” She also shares advice she received when she started the endeavor that hasn’t worked for her. [A Distant Soil]

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Neill Cameron shows you how to make a giant robot

Who says you can’t learn anything during the summer? UK artist Neill Cameron, creator of the kids’ graphic novel Mo-Bot High, has put together a quick four-step guide to designing giant robots, and it’s available to view or download at his site. You don’t have to be a kid (but it helps to be a kid at heart) to enjoy learning how to convert humans and animals into giant killing machines.

Spider-Man and his giant robot fight evil in Japan has started posting episodes of the 1970s Spider-Man TV show from Japan. Gasp and marvel as Spider-Man rides around in a flying Mach 5 and teams with Voltron to fight the evil Iron Cross Army.

The first episode, titled “The Time of Revenge Has Come! Beat Down the Iron Cross Group!” is available now, with more to come each Thursday.

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