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Ray Bradbury’s Golden Apple Comics connection

While cleaning his office at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles, general manager Ryan Liebowitz uncovered a sketch given to him when he was 10 years old by sci-fi luminary Ray Bradbury, who passed away last week at age 91. Bradbury, it turns out, provided the inspiration for the store’s name.

“When my father Bill ‘Bill Kahuna’ Liebowitz opened Golden Apple in 1979 he had a partner,” Ryan Liebowitz wrote to Comic Book Resources. “His partner Thom owned cigar shop that my dad used to frequent. One day, they decided to start a comic book and music shop due to his love for both. My dad asked his partner what to name the shop. He already had a ton of merchandise bags that were printed ‘Golden Apple,’ because of his favorite play, Golden Apples of the Sun, based on Ray Bradbury’s novel. Bill decided to keep the bags temporarily until he could rename the shop. So, shortly after the shop opened on Melrose Avenue, Ray Bradbury walked in and asked my dad, ‘Did you name this shop after my book Golden Apples of the Sun?’ Bill Liebowitz promptly stated, ‘YES, of course we did!!’

“From that day forward, the name stuck, and the rest is history,” Liebowtiz continued. “Over the years we did a number of great signings and events with Mr. Bradbury. He will forever have a special place in our hearts.”

Although the store is in the middle of a three-week inventory reduction sale, Liebowitz stressed that Golden Apple isn’t moving, being sold or going out of business: “The Liebowitz family is remodeling the classic shop and reinvesting time and effort to make it better than ever.”

L.A.’s Golden Apple Comics for sale on eBay

Golden Apple Comics

The owners of Golden Apple Comics have decided to exit the comics retail business and have put the Los Angeles-based comic shop up on eBay for $679,000.

According to the listing, owner Sharon Liebowitz is nearing retirement and wishes to divest herself for personal reasons. Her son, Ryan, general manager of the store, “is excited about the prospects of continuing his career that he put on hold in 2005 to run the family business.”

The sale includes the company logo and website, their customer database, various physical assets like computers and furniture, and more than $300,000 in existing inventory and collectibles. As a bonus, the shop is located right across the street from the world-famous (and awesome) Pink’s Hot Dog Stand, and the new owner will have great upstairs neighbors.

Check out the listing for more information. The details on what’s for sale are in an image, and if it won’t load for you on eBay, you can find it here.

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