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‘Star Wars’ artist’s RPG comes to life as graphic novel


Last year popular convention artist Grant Gould set out on his own to create a fantasy tabletop role-playing game called Blade Raiders, combining his love for tabletop gaming, comics art and new concepts. Raising more than $8,000 on Kickstarter, Gould made that dream a reality — and now he’s taking the next step and bringing the Blade Raiders stories to life as a graphic novel.

Launched earlier this month on Kickstarter, the Blade Raiders: Grimalkin campaign is a creator-owned graphic novel set in the world of his RPG that mixes swords, sorcery, high adventure, creatures and quests. Gould is known with his frequent convention appearances and for his work on an official Star Wars webcomic, but with Blade Raiders: Grimalkin the cartoonist is branching out on his own.

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C2E2 2012 | Sunday Photodiary

Sunday was a great day. It started off awesomely with a marriage proposal. A young man named Matthew had hired my friend Grant to draw a picture of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for his girlfriend, Lisa, a Buffy fan. When they picked up the commission, Lisa read the word balloons, “Hi, Lisa. Matthew tells me he loves you very much and he has a very important question to ask…”

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C2E2 2012 | Friday Photodiary

Welcome to C2E2

One of the things a lot of pros like about C2E2 is the late start on Friday. It doesn’t open to the public until 1:00 pm, so creators can sleep in and recover from their trips if they want. Or, if they want to go early to set up or just walk around and visit with each other, they can do that too. It’s also helpful for press jerks taking lots of pictures. Lots. Of pictures.

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