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Marko Manev’s Superhero Noir

Macedonian illustrator Marko Manev has designed minimalist superhero-themed posters before (check out his Watchmen and Marvel projects on Behance), but his latest series, Superhero Noir, is quite a step up from that work. These are powerful, cinematic, renditions of classic comic book heroes. No wonder these images are showing up all over the internet right now — they’re breathtakingly good, reminding you of how dramatic (or downright majestic) these characters can be when used right.  No wonder that when the Bottleneck Gallery announced they were selling prints of a couple of these designs yesterday, they sold out in minutes.

Check out the examples below, then head over to see a few of these not featured here or in Manev’s Behance gallery over at his Tumblr blog. Continue Reading »

This week a Siege kicks off, the Blackest Night continues and the Comics Journal says goodbye


It’s the week after a major holiday in the United States, which means that comics won’t be hitting U.S. shops until Thursday, Dec. 3.

But it should be worth the wait, as it’s a pretty big week on the event front for Marvel and DC. Although the regular Blackest Night book doesn’t come out this week, two new tie-ins kick off starring Flash and Wonder Woman. Marvel, meanwhile, kicks off a couple of events — first there’s Siege Cabal, which leads into their big tie-up to the Dark Reign storyline, plus “Fall of the Hulks” kicks off with a prologue of its own.

Those are just the tips of the iceberg this week, as Jonah Hex hits a milestone (as much as I love this book, I’m surprised — pleasantly, of course, but still surprised — to see it make it to issue 50 in this day and age), the JSA gets a second title and The Comics Journal says goodbye, at least to its current format. To see what Chris, Kevin and I have to say about this week’s releases, read on, and let us know in the comments section what you plan to get.

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