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Green Brain Comics reopening after SUV crashes through wall

From the Green Brain Comics Facebook page

From the Green Brain Comics Facebook page

Dearborn, Michigan’s Green Brain Comics will reopen Wednesday morning after a sport utility vehicle crashed through its wall Sunday morning, taking out a restroom and knocking a shelf of children’s comic books 20 feet across the store. Stormy Records, located on the second floor of the building, was able to open today.

“It was heartbreaking — first the cartoonish image of the van sticking out of the hole was breathtaking,” Green Brain co-owner Dan Merritt told The News-Herald. “It broke my heart but it didn’t break me.” He noted the impact left the silhouette of the SUV on the interior wall.

Although the debris was cleared by Monday and the hole boarded up, Merritt and his wife Katie had to wait for a city inspector to certify the store was safe to reopen. Both Green Brain and Stormy Records are insured.

“Had it happened during business hours, it would have been really unfortunate,” Stormy Records co-owner Windy Weber said. “It could have been way worse but it wasn’t, and I’m thankful for that.”

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Comics A.M. | Draft of unfinished Barefoot Gen sequel discovered

Barefoot Gen

Barefoot Gen

Manga | The widow of Barefoot Gen creator Keiji Nakazawa, has found 16 pages of penciled notes and sketches for a possible sequel to Nakazawa’s semi-autobiographical account of living through the Hiroshima bombing and its aftermath. Before he died in December, Nakazawa donated the first 16 pages of the projected volume to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum; this is the outline for the second set of pages. The new story would have taken Gen to Tokyo to become a manga creator, just as Nakazawa did in real life. [Anime News Network]

Comics | Glen Weldon, who writes about comics for National Public Radio, explains why he, as a gay man, won’t be reading Orson Scott Card’s issues of Adventures of Superman: “DC Comics has handed the keys to the ‘Champion of the Oppressed’ to a guy who has dedicated himself to oppress me, and my partner, and millions of people like us. It represents a fundamental misread of who the character is, and what he means. It is dispiriting. It is wearying. It is also, finally, not for me.” [NPR]

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Forget Kid Rock, KISS and Eminem — Detroit brings in Jim Rugg

Jim Rugg’s made himself known through a series of thrilling projects both creator-owned and work-for-hire, doing work for Vertigo’s Minx line, collaborating with the frontman of the Dandy Warhols on a graphic novel, and doing two excellent books of his own (Afrodisiac and Street Angel).

And now he’s bringing it to Detroit for one night only.

On March 4, Rugg will speak at the Michigan’s Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit as part of their annual Comic Jam which is co-hosted with local retailer Green Brain Comics. Rugg’s scheduled to go on stage at 7 p.m., and will talk about his experiences in comics — and maybe give a sneak peek of what he’s working on next. Come early and enjoy this free all-ages Comic Jam, which starts at 4 p.m.

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