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McNamara, Hinkle team for true life-inspired horror in ‘The Rattler’


Combining his love for horror with a pretty scary event from his own past, writer Jason McNamara (The Martian Confederacy, First Moon, Continuity) has teamed with artist Greg Hinkle (the upcoming Airboy) to tell the story of The Rattler. A campaign to bring their self-published graphic novel to the printed page began this morning on Kickstarter.

According to The Rattler Kickstarter page, “10 years have passed since Stephen Thorn’s fiancée vanished without a trace, and he has grown into a prominent, if bitter, victim’s rights crusader. Despite the cold trail and lack of leads, he stubbornly refuses to give up the search. And then … he begins to hear her voice in the strangest of places.”

I spoke with both McNamara and Hinkle about the project, their favorite horror comics and what “dinner” at the MacNamara house (one of the Kickstarter prizes) consists of (here’s a hint).

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Comic artists document San Francisco’s Noise Pop festival

The Fresh & Onlys by Justin Hall

As I mentioned last month, Isotope Comics recruited several comic creators to document San Francisco’s Noise Pop music/arts festival. The team of “Sequential Reporters,” which included Justin Hall, Jamaica Dyer, Greg Hinkle and several more, drew their experiences as they attended concerts, hung out back stage and met the various bands who performed. As you can see from Hall’s entry (above), some of the stories may or may not be completely true.

You can see them all over on the Noise Pop website.

Robot 666 | Greg Hinkle illustrates Edgar Allan Poe’s Annabel Lee

We finished up our run of Parasomnia yesterday, but we’ve still got one more treat for you from artist Greg Hinkle:

“Here’s my illustrated version of Edgar Allan Poe’s short poem, Annabel Lee. I thought this was a wonderfully creepy little poem, and perfect for Halloween. The first three panels are a Robot 6 exclusive, and have never been seen by anyone, anywhere, ever before. They’re just for you and your lovely readers.”


Thanks again to Greg (and Storm, Jason, Matt and Josh) for sharing Parasomnia with us this week. You can find the complete poem after the jump.

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Robot 666 | Parasomnia, Part Four


Courtesy of artist Greg Hinkle, we’re pleased to present the finale to his horror comic Parasomnia. Be sure to read the first three chapters (here, here and here) before reading the final one, which is written by Matt Silady.

Here’s what Matt and Greg had to say about this chapter:

“When Greg asked me to contribute to his horror anthology, I knew immediately I wanted to write a ghost story. So, here’s a little tale about an urban spirit who wants more than anything to rest in peace.

Happy Halloween!”

-Matt Silady (the upcoming The Delta of You, the Eisner-nominated The Homeless Channel)

“To be honest, when I asked Matt to fill out the roster on this book, I never thought he’d agree. I mean, he’s a very busy guy. So I figured my little anthology would be way down at the bottom of his list of priorities. Instead, he got right back to me, and we met up at the famous saloon, the Vesuvio, in San Francisco to discuss his piece.

Matt and I ended up working in the old Marvel style. He had an outline, with some rough layouts, and told me to work on the art, and he’d fit the story to the finished pages. It was great to have the liberty to help guide the story, but a little intimidating. I kept sending Matt thumbnails as I’d finish them, just to make sure I was headed in the ‘right’ direction. I wanted to blur the line between waking and sleeping a bit with the last dream, and Matt’s Ghost Story was exactly what the book called for.

Matt and Jason helped me tie up the ending as well, with an intense series of late night back-and-forth emailing. I had a certain ending in mind, and they helped talk me down from that clichéd ledge. Without their combined effort, and Josh’s lightning fast lettering, I don’t think I wouldn’t have had anything worth looking at.”


This wraps up the comic, but tomorrow come back for Greg Hinkle’s illustrated Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe. Print copies of Parasomnia are available from Greg’s Etsy shop.

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Robot 666 | Parasomnia, Part Three


Courtesy of artist Greg Hinkle, we’re pleased to present his horror comic Parasomnia for Robot 666 Week. Be sure to read chapter one and chapter two before reading chapter three, which is written by Jason McNamara and can be found after the jump below.

Here’s what Jason and Greg had to say about this part of the story:

“My contribution to Parasomnia is a little cautionary tale called ‘Baby Talk.’ This was an experiment in writing from someone else’s point of view. I had been finding a lot of Chick Tract comics around this time and wanted to try my own take on the format.

Because the short was appearing in a horror anthology I didn’t have to worry about establishing the genre in my script. Greg did such an incredible job of injecting dread into everyday locations, that when the super natural elements of the story emerge you were already expecting it. I enjoyed working with Greg so much that it inspired me to write more for him. Expect to see our full length graphic novel The Rattler sometime in 2011.”

-Jason McNamara (The Martian Confederacy: From Mars with Love, The Martian Confederacy)

“This story was simultaneously really exciting and extraordinarily disgusting to draw. It was easy enough to find some sewer references, but the rest… trying to research ‘fetus’ on the internet was a horrible, horrible idea. Jason was the only one of the writers to hand me a traditional script, with the page and panel breakdown. It was nice working with a script, since it let me focus more on each panel’s contents, rather than their layout. And I feel like Jason and I have similar tendencies when it comes to comics. We both get kinda bored easily, so he writes to keep himself interested and I’m having a blast trying to keep up.”


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Robot 666 | Parasomnia, Part Two


As we mentioned yesterday, we’re pleased to present Parasomnia by Greg Hinkle and a host of writers as a part of Robot 666 Week. Start off by reading part one, then come back here and read the second chapter.

Here’s what Greg and Storm, the writer of the second chapter, had to say about it:

“When I was writing Playing House, I was thinking about that old adage of “be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it.” As the ideas for how I would work with that theme coalesced, I found myself with one determined girl, a couple of dolls and a whole lot of–Oops! I almost spoiled it. It suffices to say that manipulating forces (or others) for your own gain is never a good idea.

Another goal of mine while working on this story was to have as few words as possible. I love writing dialogue (I grew up worshiping Chris Claremont after all), but I challenged myself to make the art carry the action. Greg’s rendition of the little girl and her dolls is even better than I envisioned (I had drawn very loose thumbnails) and his sense of drama permeates every panel. He did a remarkable job in bringing this story to life. I hope you enjoy it!”


“This story was a lot of fun. STORM didn’t put much dialogue in his story, and (blindly) trusted in my art to get the point across. I love telling silent stories and I’m pretty happy with the results. Unlike the last chapter’s dream, this story plays with our sleeping girl’s memories a bit. We see a younger aspect of herself, and visit a more specific event that hits a little closer to home.”


Check out the story after the jump.

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Robot 666 | Parasomnia, Part One


As a part of Robot 666 week, we’re pleased to present Parasomnia by artist Greg Hinkle, who teamed up with several writers to tell the story of a young woman’s nightmares, which are the key to unlocking a deeper secret. Here’s what Greg had to say about this first story, an adaptation of an H.P. Lovecraft tale:

I’ve always wanted to draw a Lovecraft story, but it’s always been a little intimidating. His stories always deal with some grandiose cosmic unknown. Usually some indescribable evil. (They discussed some of the same stuff during the West Hollywood Book Fair’s HP Lovecraft panel, earlier this month.) I knew that Lovecraft had done some short stories, and I figured I’d better start small. “The Terrible Old Man” is less than 1,200 words, and less than three pages in the book I have. It’s completely without dialogue, too, which appealed to me. Lovecraft’s approach is similar to his longer works, and he let’s almost all of the action take place off-page, leaving the reader to insert his own scary stuff. It confronts the threat from outsiders, in this case, quite literally, but gives the story a shot of the supernatural.

Parasomnias are a class of sleep disorders which include sleep walking, sleep talking, and night terrors. They’re characterized by a partial arousal, or the body becoming caught in between a state of waking and deep sleep. So I wanted a story that could set the tone for a confused state of arousal. And who better to set the stage for a confusing, dreamy state, than the grand-daddy of mind-bending horror?

Check out part one after the jump, then check back tomorrow for part two. You can also get Parasomnia from Greg Hinkle’s Etsy shop.

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Robot 666 | Parasomnia by Greg Hinkle and various


As a part of Robot 666 week, we’re pleased to bring you a Robot 6 exclusive — Greg Hinkle‘s debut comic, Parasomnia.

Serialized over the next five days, the story revolves around a young woman’s nightmares, which are the key to unlocking a deeper secret. A recent graduate from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, Greg teamed up with local writers STORM (Princess Witch Boy), Jason McNamara (The Martian Confederacy, First Moon) and Matt Silady (The Homeless Channel) to bring his horror landscape to life.

Here’s what Greg had to say about the project:

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