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KC Green takes his webcomic to the graveyard

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KC Green, creator of the long-running Gun Show webcomic, draws with an unmistakable style that resembles modern-day Cartoon Network shows like Regular Show — only I’m pretty sure he got there first. There’s also a bit of Spumco influence, too. However, Green doesn’t draw to the sometimes off-putting lengths that John Kricfalusi does. It’s clenched smiles through puffy cheeks, wide-eyed double takes, rubbery bodies and simple character designs that are super-cute. I mean, a cool frog riding a dolphin will never not be adorable. A lot of humor can be mined just from the sheer goofiness of his drawings.

Gun Show is also a webcomic that dares you to laugh at the macabre: It’s filled with blood and guts, pentagrams, sacrifices and decapitations. A lot of it is disturbing, even accounting for Green’s Looney Tunes-style cartooniness. For example, there’s a comic where he envisions Frasier and Niles Crane as some sort of magical warlocks who try to resurrect the poor dog Eddie. This involves arranging a dinner party in which the guests are victims for a demonic sacrifice. The absurdity comes from how callously all the characters handle the violence. For some reason, the Frasier-style comics are some of the bloodiest strips he’s ever drawn, perhaps because radio psychiatry just exudes menace.

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