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Saint Paul couple opens the Library of Justice

Emily Ronning, Jay Mac, and the Library of Justice

Minnesota’s Twin Cities have a thriving comics community of fans and creators alike, so it’s not surprising — but no less cool — that a couple has opened a comics-themed Little Free Library in their neighborhood. Emily and Jay opened the library to share books they love with their neighbors, but it was Jay’s love of comics that inspired the box’s design and name: the Library of Justice. Not only is it shaped like the Hall of Justice, but on the inside is a special shelf devoted to comics. The library was designed by a friend, Joe Allen, and Emily’s father provided the materials and did the construction. Jay sanded and painted.

Jay and Emily hosted a ribbon-cutting over the weekend with cider, treats (including superhero cookies), and plenty of free books. As you can see in the photos, there was a great turn-out of all kinds of book lovers, though the kids – and some of the grown-ups – were all about the comics. Check out the library’s website for more photos from the event, info about how the library works, and even tips for enjoying the comics that can be checked out there.

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Meanwhile, back at … Union Terminal

The Hall of Justice, from Hanna-Barbera's "Super Friends"

The Hall of Justice, from Hanna-Barbera's "Super Friends"

The Cincinnati Enquirer’s Alex Shebar examines the visual links between the 76-year-old Cincinnati Union Terminal and the Hall of Justice from the 1970s Super Friends cartoon and, more recently, the Justice League of America comic.

“The resemblance is undeniable, from the massive arch to the carved pillars,” Shebar writes. “They are nearly identical, right down to the colossal fountain leading to the front entrance.”

Completed in March 1933, the art deco-style train station apparently made an impact on Joseph Barbera: When Super Friends background supervisor Al Gmuer submitted a headquarters design to Barbera and ABC executives, what was returned looked a lot like Union Terminal.

“In the long run, I hated that building,” Gmuer tells Shebar. “The way it’s designed, it was not easy to draw. I had nightmares about that damn building.”

These blogs have more on Union Terminal — now home to the Cincinnati Museum Center — and the Super Friends connection.

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