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Comics A.M. | What digital comics, industry need to do next



Digital comics | Declaring that “the mainstreaming of digital publishing is nearly complete,” veteran technology writer Andy Ihnatko outlines three major steps the industry still needs to take: a move by Dark Horse to comiXology; the adoption of ePUB as an industry standard; and the abandonment of digital rights management. “We should be grateful to DRM,” Ihnatko writes. “‘What about piracy?’ wasn’t Marvel or DC’s only qualm about digital publishing, but it was a question that needed to be addressed before the major publishers could go all-in. But now that comiXology is up and running, and people have been ‘trained’ to use the new infrastructure, DRM is becoming less and less valuable with each passing quarter.” [Chicago Grid]

Digital comics | For readers only now discovering digital comics, Jeffrey L. Wilson provides a guide that covers the basics, from what they are to where they can be found and how much they cost. [PC Mag]

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Lichtenstein: best comics-related Halloween costume ever

Disney story artist Clio Chiang isn’t the only talented member of her family. Her sister Connie is a makeup artist, so she and a friend dressed up for Halloween this year as a Lichtenstein painting. However you feel about couples’ costumes, this one gets points for originality and execution.  Continue Reading »

Comics A.M. | The once and future Extreme Studios; Colleen Doran’s digital success


Creators | With the announcement that Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Studios is back in business, former Extreme Studios employee and current Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson reflects on his time with the studio. “From 1992-1998, Extreme Studios was more or less my life. Youngblood, Supreme, Brigade, Bloodstrike, Team Youngblood, New Men, Prophet, Youngblood: Strikefile, Bloodpool, Glory… We put out a lot of comics, and for the most part everyone involved was incredibly young. Rob and I were amongst the oldest at 25. So many of the artists involved in various aspects of production were just out of their teens, and that made the work as frustrating as it was fun. But looking back, the main thing I remember about that time is Rob wanted to share his success with people who loved comics and wanted to make a living in the business as much as he had.” [It Sparkles!]

Webcomics | A Distant Soil creator Colleen Doran, who began serializing the comic online in 2009, notes “my bottom line is up significantly, and my online audience is ten times higher than when I started the five day a week online serialization of A Distant Soil 2.5 years ago.” She also shares advice she received when she started the endeavor that hasn’t worked for her. [A Distant Soil]

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Send Us Your … Halloween Costumes?

Captains America

So it’s Wednesday, and you may be asking, “Hey, where’s the Shelf Porn?” Unfortunately, after running the feature for almost two years now, we came up short this week and ran out of submissions.

So is this the end of Shelf Porn? Will we never see another display of graphic novels, toys or original art in somebody’s home? Let’s hope not. If you’d like to put your pictures on display, just email your pictures and a write-up to jkparkin@yahoo.com. And to everyone who has ever mentioned that they plan to send in their pictures — that day is now!

In place of Shelf Porn, this week I have Halloween pictures from Metro Entertainment in Santa Barbara, Calif., where our own Carla Hoffman works. Check them out after the jump.

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Heroes to gather in Hollywood Aug. 27 to break world record

In May Australians gathered en masse and in costume to break the world record for the most people dressed as superheroes in one place at the same time.

Melbourne’s gathered heroes numbered 1,245, and now it looks like someone in Hollywood wants to top that — based on ads on Yelp and Craigslist. Here are the details:

Los Angeles, Ca plans to top Australia’s record of 1245 people on August 27, 2010.

Come in costume as your favorite superhero or character and remember it is welcome to families and kids too!

The more people attending the better the chances of stealing Australia’s title!

Arrive between 12:30 PM – 12:45 PM at the intersection of Hollywood & Highland IN COSTUME on August 27. Anyone arriving after 1:00 PM will not be counted as a part of the World Record attempt.

Hollywood and Highland
Hollywood, CA

You, too, can be Tyrese Gibson’s Mayhem!

"Tyrese Gibson's Mayhem!" costumes

"Tyrese Gibson's Mayhem!" costumes

Tyrese Gibson, the model/actor/singer who set Twitter afire last summer with … aggressive … marketing for his Image Comics miniseries Mayhem!, is back — this time with Halloween costumes. At least I presume they’re intended for Halloween.

Party-goods retail chain Party City is taking pre-orders (really?) for exclusive Mayhem costumes, which ship next month. What’s more, the first 100 orders receive a free copy of the comic autographed by Gibson.

“Not all super heroes play by the rules!” reads the description for the adult costume. “Blow away thugs as the heroic vigilante ripped from the pages of the Tyrese Gibson comic book! Adult Mayhem costume features a character mask, shirt with screen-print logo, matching pants, foam knee pads, black boot tops, and utility belt with plastic combat knives and pouches. Killer!”

The blurb for the boy’s costume dials back the violence, if only slightly, describing Li’l Mayhem as “mad, bad and dangerous to know!” There’s nothing as adorable as a pint-sized, knife-wielding vigilante — I don’t care what anyone says!

Superheroes gather in Melbourne to break Guinness World Record

Batmen and Robin

Batmen and Robin

The Guinness World Record for the most people wearing superhero costumes in one place was shattered Saturday, and it wasn’t at the San Diego Comic-Con. According to the Australian, 1,245 people dressed as Superman, the Hulk and plenty of other superheroes gathered in Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia, breaking the record of 1,091 previously set in the United Kingdom. You can see a gallery of photos from the event here.

Growing Up Heroes: A symphony of plastic masks and superhero Underoos

from Growing Up Heroes

from Growing Up Heroes

My earliest Halloween memories involve a Superman costume and a Batman costume my brother and I, respectively, wore one year. I kept the costume for years after that, wearing it around the house as long as it would fit, then eventually passing it down to my youngest brother. I had one of those cheap plastic Batman masks that obscured my vision and was probably some sort of fire hazard, while my brother got to go maskless … because unlike the kid in the above picture, we knew Superman didn’t wear a mask.

Ah, memories … if you have similar ones, you may enjoy checking out Growing Up Heroes, a blog that features kids dressed as various superheroes between 1960 and 1990. Everyone from Batman, Spider-Man and the Hulk to various Star Wars and Star Trek characters are represented, as are various costumes, shirts and, of course, Underoos.


Halloween Treats!


Miles Burnside-Clapp of Santa Barbara, CA invites you to read some fine literature.

Local comic shop Metro Entertainment in Santa Barbara, Calif. held a costume contest yesterday in honor of the season, and the results were amazing!  Visit their Facebook photo gallery and see a fantastic collection of comic, TV and game-inspired costumes… maybe even a cheeky columnist from Robot 6?

In Northampton, a cry rings out (Part 27)

Watchmen costumes, from Rubie's

Watchmen costumes, from Rubie's

On the one hand, the settlement between Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox ensures movie-goers will get to see Zack Snyder’s $130-million Watchmen adaptation in March. On the other hand, the agreement clears the way for these licensed Halloween costumes, from Rubie’s (which also makes a selection of V for Vendetta-wear).

Wait, there’s more: A Dr. Manhattan rubber face mask pretty much guarantees that, come October, you’ll encounter at least one guy covered in blue body paint and wearing only a black thong. Or less.

(via Topless Robot)

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