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Bam! Pow! Amazing ‘Fantastic Four’ cels actually justify this title

ff effects1

I somehow missed this incredible auction when it took place in November, but thanks to Tumblr I still get to marvel at the art (not that I would’ve plunked down $850, mind you): 16 crash effects cels from Hanna-Barbera’s 1967 animated series The Fantastic Four.

Of course, those effects, coupled with Alex Toth’s character designs, are pretty much the best things about the cartoon, which like other series of the era was crippled by poor animation. These, however, are suitable for framing.

Check out some of them below, and more here.

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Real-life Wacky Races

Wacky Races

Wacky Races

I’m sorry I missed this one when it first came out in June, but Carscoop has pictures from Chichester in West Sussex, England, of real-life Wacky Races cars. They were part of the Goodwood Festival of Speed earlier this month. Click through to see all the pictures; they did a nice job bringing them to life. You can see the cars in action on YouTube.

Via Full Body Transplant and Autoblog.

Meanwhile, back at … Union Terminal

The Hall of Justice, from Hanna-Barbera's "Super Friends"

The Hall of Justice, from Hanna-Barbera's "Super Friends"

The Cincinnati Enquirer’s Alex Shebar examines the visual links between the 76-year-old Cincinnati Union Terminal and the Hall of Justice from the 1970s Super Friends cartoon and, more recently, the Justice League of America comic.

“The resemblance is undeniable, from the massive arch to the carved pillars,” Shebar writes. “They are nearly identical, right down to the colossal fountain leading to the front entrance.”

Completed in March 1933, the art deco-style train station apparently made an impact on Joseph Barbera: When Super Friends background supervisor Al Gmuer submitted a headquarters design to Barbera and ABC executives, what was returned looked a lot like Union Terminal.

“In the long run, I hated that building,” Gmuer tells Shebar. “The way it’s designed, it was not easy to draw. I had nightmares about that damn building.”

These blogs have more on Union Terminal — now home to the Cincinnati Museum Center — and the Super Friends connection.

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