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End of the world, with cats: Andrew MacLean on ‘ApocalyptiGirl’


Andrew MacLean is one of many artists I’ve enjoyed following over the past few years, from his self-published work on the two volumes of Head Lopper to his collaborations with writers like Jim Gibbons, Nolan T Jones and Jamie Gambell. This year he’ll be hitting comics in a big way with the release of ApocalyptiGirl, a graphic novel about a girl, a cat and an apocalypse.

Due out May 20 from Dark Horse (and listed in the current Previews), ApocalyptiGirl is both written and drawn by MacLean. I spoke with him about the book, as well as his plans for more Head Lopper.

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Andrew MacLean kickstarts a second helping of ‘Head Lopper’


If Andrew MacLean has his way — and your help — heads will lop once again.

Earlier this year MacLean self-published Head Lopper #1, an action-filled tale of one viking’s quest to decapitate monsters, and the annoying severed witch head that he drags along with him. It was a great introduction, but not near long enough … which is something MacLean hopes to remedy. He’s currently running a Kickstarter so he can publish issue #2, which promises more pages, more head-lopping and more of that evil witch head.

I spoke with MacLean about both issues of the series, as well as his tale in last Wednesday’s issue of Dark Horse Presents and much more. My thanks to Andrew for his time.

JK Parkin: For those who may not have heard of Head Lopper, can you give a few details on what it’s about and how it came about?

Andrew MacLean: Head Lopper follows nomadic Viking warrior Norgal and his companion, the severed heard of Agatha Blue Witch. When they aren’t bickering and torturing each other, they are traveling about beheading monsters or whatever or whomever might get in their way.

Head Lopper actually originated from a Brand New Nostalgia piece I did. The theme that the members had chosen for the week was “Viking” and I just had so much fun with it I just knew I had to run with it. So I redesigned that same character a little bit, including the severed head he was originally pictured with and started putting together some rather simple classic-feeling stories for the unlikely pair.

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A Viking and a witch’s head team up in ‘Head Lopper’


Are Vikings the new zombies? In terms of sub-genre popularity not yet, but they could be. With comics like Northlanders and Helheim and the TV drama Vikings, tales of wild-eyed Northern men with beards, swords, axes and more beards are experiencing a renaissance. But a new comic called Head Lopper is taking it all in with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Created by Andrew MacClean, Head Lopper follows a broad-shouldered Viking named Norgal and a decapitated head belonging to Agatha the Blue Witch as they arrive on the Scottish island of Barra. Their goal? To slay a feared sea serpent. However, they become entangled early on by some creepy priests and their dominion over the small scrap of land.

Head Lopper #1 is available for order online, or if you can buy a copy from MacLean at a convention like this weekend’s HeroesCon, where he’ll be at table AA1121. Here’s a preview of what you can expect:

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