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Henry Cavill walked around Time Square in a Superman shirt and no one noticed


Henry Cavill, the actor who will be playing Superman in the upcoming “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” film, walked around Times Square today in New York City, and no one recognized him.

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Lighten up, Superman


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The first official image of Superman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was released! As a huge fan of the Big Blue Boy Scout, I couldn’t be more thrilled. Not for the movie, which kinda seems like a mess. No, I’m excited because once again the internet is abuzz over what Superman should or shouldn’t be. Should he be the grim protector of the night as portrayed in the poster or in Zack Snyder’s fondest dreams? Or should he be the brightly colored Silver Age symbol of the outdated notions of Truth, Justice, and the American way? Maybe he should be Electric Blue Superman? (Just kidding. No one likes Electric Blue Superman.)

In my case, the first salvos have already been fired about turning this into a meme. The Ben Affleck photo of Batman standing next to his ride already launched a pretty amusing “Sad Batman” meme. What heights can the Man of Steel attain? Graphic designer Lee Binding has already decided to cheer up poor Clark with a smile and some balloons. It’s already a huge improvement!

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Man of Steel teaches Elmo and friends about respect

henry cavill-sesame street

Determined not to be upstaged by the god of mischief, the Man of Steel dropped by Sesame Street to teach a valuable lesson of his own. Appearing on today’s episode of the beloved children’s series, which kicked off its 44th season on Monday, Man of Steel star Henry Cavill explained the meaning of respect to Elmo, the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs.

“Respect means treating someone in a way that makes them seem cared for and important,” Cavill tells Big Bad, who’s quick to pick up on the lesson. There’s even a “Piggies Rock!” cake involved (Loki only had cookies).

You can watch Cavill’s “Word on the Street” appearance below. Entertainment Weekly also has a behind-the-scenes details, and a photo of the actor posing with Super Grover during his visit to the studio (his segment was taped shortly before the June 14 release of Man of Steel).

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‘Man of Steel’ star Henry Cavill reads ‘Superman’ in ALA poster

henry cavill-alaHenry Cavill, star of Warner Bros.’ upcoming Man of Steel, is featured in a new poster for the American Library Association’s Celebrity READ campaign holding a copy of DC Comics’ Superman Annual #1.

As the title suggests, the 28-year-old campaign features celebrities, ranging from Bill Cosby (who appeared on the very first poster) and Bill Gates to Oprah Winfrey and the stars of The Hunger Games, with books in an effort to encourage reading. Watchmen star Jeffrey Dean Morgan previously appeared with a copy of the Alan Moore-Dave Gibbons book, while Hugh Jackman was shown with … The Man in the Moon.

Here’s the text accompanying the Cavill poster on the ALA website: “Born in the United Kingdom, actor Henry Cavill has already made quite an impact in both film and television. Henry made his feature film debut in The Count of Monte Cristo and went on to star in Tristan & Isolde, Woody Allen’s Whatever Works and, most recently, as Theseus in Immortals. On the small screen, Henry appeared on the Showtime series “The Tudors” for four seasons. This summer, audiences will see Henry star in Man of Steel when it flies into theaters on June 14. In preparation for this epic role, Henry delved deep into original source material, reading hundreds of Superman comics.”

Available for $16, the 22-inch by 34-inch poster is featured on the cover of the ALA Graphics summer catalog, arriving this week. Director Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel opens June 14.

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