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Grumpy Old Fan | Structure, tradition, and Luthor’s League

"Why is the most brilliantly diabolical leader of our time surrounding himself with total nincompoops?"

Why is the most brilliantly diabolical leader of our time surrounding himself with total nincompoops?

As discussed here last week, the final page of Forever Evil promised a particular kind of big event as its follow-up. However, the just-concluded miniseries also inflicted more immediate consequences on the Justice League; it’s those I’ll be talking about today.

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I previously mentioned that the New-52 relaunch/reboot didn’t really add a new “structural” feature to the superhero line, in the way that “Flash of Two Worlds” established the Multiverse or Crisis on Infinite Earths facilitated all those legacy heroes. At the time I didn’t really mention the addition (or re-integration) of the WildStorm and Vertigo characters, but I still don’t think that’s as big a deal as the Multiverse or the generational timeline. The difference is that Flashpoint brought in characters mostly to the present-day DC Universe, whereas COIE and (to a lesser extent) the original Multiverse both dealt regularly with larger spans of time. In the latter cases, the superheroes first emerged in the runup to World War II, and those adventures ended up informing their modern-day counterparts. While the New 52 had books like Demon Knights and All Star Western that were set even further in the past, they could only influence the main superhero line obliquely.

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The Grumpy Color | Tom and Carla dig into the DC relaunch, Part 1

(Note: costumes and/or secret identities subject to change without notice)

[After three solid weeks of coverage, you’d think we here at Robot 6 would have run out of things to say about September’s all-new, mostly-different DC Universe.

[Okay, maybe we have — but when fearless leader JK Parkin suggested that DC blogger Tom Bondurant and retailer/Marvel blogger Carla Hoffman could do a back-and-forth about it, we were happy to oblige. The following was conducted via email from June 17 through June 22.]

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Tom: When the relaunch became official, one of the first things it reminded me of was “Heroes Reborn.” Superficially it seems pretty similar, because you have some books virtually unchanged, some big names almost starting from scratch, and the whole superhero line affected. Now, I will admit to buying every issue of the “Reborn” books when they first came out, but that was partly out of curiosity and partly because I was already reading Fantastic Four and Captain America. Afterwards, I bought all four of the post-“Heroes Return” books, again because I had been getting FF and Cap, and because I wanted to read Busiek and Perez’s Avengers and Busiek and Chen’s Iron Man. Today we seem to remember “Heroes Reborn” for Cap’s mighty bosoms and those steampipes on Iron Man’s back, but I still bought ‘em. So the first question is, how much of this is “Heroes Reborn” for the whole DC superhero line, and is that necessarily a bad thing?

Carla: I was going to try and sidestep the whole SIMPSONS DID IT argument with how many Marvel revamps I’ve seen but…
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