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Emily Carroll heading ‘Through the Woods’ in July


Cartoonist Emily Carroll is a favorite at ROBOT 6, and now we’ have something from her to look forward to next year: her first standalone book.

In July McElderry Books (an imprint of Simon and Schuster) will release Through the Woodsa collection of previously released webcomics like the popular “His Face All Red” as well as unseen stories Carroll has been working on. This is poised to be a major entry into comics for Carroll, and will act as a precursor to several other new longer-format projects the Canadian artist has in the works.

Carroll got her start in webcomics, and has made notable appearances in anthologies as varied as DC’s The Unexpected and The Witching Hour, Dark Horse’s Creepy s well as the kid-friendly Flight spinoff Explorer. Professionally trained as an animator, Carroll does work for comics, animation, and even video games.

Here’s a look at the cover to Through The Woods, available July 2014. You can see a preview at Comics & Cola.

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Emily Carroll’s His Face All Red and Other Stories headed to boookstores via Simon & Schuster

Webcomics wunderkind Emily Carroll is taking her deliciously dark comics to dead tree. According to Publishers Weekly, Simon & Schuster’s Margaret K. McElderry Books will be publishing His Face All Red and Other Stories, a book-length collection from the celebrated (mostly) horror-comic creator. The book will also be released in the UK through Faber & Faber and in Italy through Stile Libro.

As a big fan of Carroll’s vibrant colors, exquisite pacing, and genuinely creepy, genuinely bleak stories of murder and monstrousness, I’m really looking forward to this one. I’m doubly curious to see how her existing stories, which frequently make use of the “infinite canvas” of the web in terms of layout, translate to the printed page.

Carroll, might I remind you, had never drawn a comic prior to May 2010. So, y’know, holy smokes.

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