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This copper chrome Stormtrooper is shiny, cool and just out of reach


The good news is that this copper chrome-colored Stormtrooper action figure exits, and it looks incredible. The bad news is that Hot Toys is releasing it only in Asia, which means Star Wars fans in the rest of the world will probably never get their hands on one.

But they can still gaze at these photos and dream of a galaxy far, far away, where this rare, shiny collectible rests on a shelf next to that 1/6th-scale Captain Phasma figure.

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This badass Captain Phasma is the only ‘Star Wars’ figure we need


Although she may not possess the high profile, or the distinctive lighsaber, of Kylo Ren, the chrome-armored Captain Phasma certainly rivals her fellow Star Wars: The Force Awakens in style and swagger. And while Kylo’s Hot Toys action figure will arrive first, as you can see, Phasma’s is (OK, arguably) far more badass.

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Hot Toys’ Stan Lee figure could easily pass for the Man himself


After teasing us a couple of weeks ago with a preview of the ghostly head sculpt, Hot Toys has at last revealed its Stan Lee 1/6th-scale action figure, and it’s every bit as life-like as you expect.

Sporting the legendary creator’s signature windbreaker, the figure features both regular glasses and sunglasses, seven interchangeable palms (two of which make Spider-Man’s web-shooting gesture), a pen (which it can actually grip), a wristwatch, director’s chair and a display stand.

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Hot Toys may have actually shrunk Paul Rudd for its Ant-Man figure


Hot Toys’ reputation for realistic collectibles is well earned. But with the newly revealed unmasked head sculpt of its previously announced Ant-Man figure, the company may have crossed over into sorcery. Seriously, it’s as if the toy not only captures the likeness of Paul Rudd but also his (undeniably charming) soul.

Arriving in early 2016, the 1/6th-scale Ant-Man figure features interchangeable hands, a 2.8-centimeter miniature Ant-Man, bombs, discs, chemical tubes and a display stand.

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This peek at Hot Toys’ Stan Lee figure will make you a True Believer


Judging by this sneak peek at its upcoming Stan Lee action figure, Hot Toys may be taking its reputation for realism to another level.

Famed for its movie-accurate collectibles, the Hong Kong toymaker reveals a ghostly head sculpt that seems to capture the 92-year-old creator’s every wrinkle, pore and hair. It’s downright uncanny.

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Hot Toys gets stealthy with new Iron Man Mark III figure


Hot Toys has revealed the first look at its Iron Man Mark III (Stealth Mode Version) collectible figure, which will premiere this weekend at the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention.

The die-cast 1/6th-scale figure will be available for purchase at the event, alongside the stealth version of the Mark XLIII Cosbaby bobble-head. Fans will also be able to preorder the Hot Toys-exclusive 1/6th-scale First Order Stormtrooper Squad Leader from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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This ‘Winter Soldier’ Nick Fury collectible figure is nice like that

hot toys-fury-social3

If Captain America: The Winter Soldier taught us one thing, it’s that stars Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson and Anthony Mackie are terrific together on screen. If it taught us a second, it’s that nothing — not a decades-old global conspiracy, not would-be assassins, not even Robert Redford — can keep Nick Fury down.

Hot Toys is celebrating the S.H.I.E.L.D. director with a 1/6th-scale collectible figure, based on the likeness of Samuel L. Jackson from the Marvel Studios film. Standing nearly 12 inches tall, the figure boasts more than 30 points of articulation, six interchangeable hands, a removable eye patch, a removable arm sling, a pistol, a mobile phone, a data-storage device and a display stand.

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Hot Toys’ new Boba Fett figure comes with a sarlacc pit diorama


As undeniably cool as Bandai’s reimagined ronin Boba Fett action figure is, maybe you’re more of a Star Wars traditionalist — the kind of Original Trilogy fan who prefers their bounty hunter mysterious, universally feared, and … about to be slowly digested over a thousand years. If that’s the case, you’re in luck.

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Quicksilver action figure races in for Hot Toys’ official reveal


After teasing collectors a couple of weeks ago with a tantalizing glimpse from Ani-Com and Games Hong Kong, Hot Toys has officially revealed its Avengers: Age of Ultron Quicksilver figure in a series of photos that features some familiar faces. (Ahem: Scarlet Witch, Captain America and Hawkeye figures sold separately.)

With the release of the 1/6th-scale Pietro Maximoff figure, presumably sometime early next year, Hot Toys’ Age of Ultron team will be complete.

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Hot Toys’ ‘Age of Ultron’ Hulkbuster gets a serious upgrade


When Hot Toys teased it had more in store for its previously announced 1/6th-scale Avengers: Age of Ultron Hulkbuster figure, that wasn’t mere marketing hype. And this morning there are photos to prove it.

The company has revealed “upgrades” to the nearly 21-inch figure that include two more interchangeable neck-armor parts that allow the Hulkbuster to be displayed in different stages of suiting up, an interchangeable battle battle-damaged chest armor plate, and improved arm, legs and feet articulations.

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Here’s how those impressive Hot Toys figures are made


Although this brief video from The Story Plus certainly won’t answer all of your questions about Hot Toys, it offers a fun glimpse behind the scenes of the collectible company’s production facilities.

JC Hong, president of Hot Toys production in South Korea, breaks down the laborious process of creating the often startlingly life-like action figures based on the stars of Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Dark Knight and other blockbusters.

“It’s always a hard challenge,” he explains, “like giving birth to a new child.”

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Yes, Hot Toys will release a Quicksilver figure — and here’s proof


Just when it seemed we might never see an Avengers: Age of Ultron Quicksilver collectible figure from Hot Toys, a prototype has been spotted in the wild — or, rather, at Ani-Com and Games Hong Kong — alongside Nick Fury and Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Drax the Destroyer.

There’s no word yet when the 1/6th-scale Quicksilver figure, based on the likeness of actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, will be available, but considering the recently revealed Scarlet Witch isn’t expected to ship until the end of this year or the beginning of the next, we may be waiting a while.

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Just how big is Hot Toys’ Millennium Falcon? THIS big!

millennium falcon

You’ve likely read that Hot Toys will debut a 1/6th-scale Millennium Falcon this weekend at Ani-Com and Games Hong Kong. However, if you’re having trouble envisioning the sheer size of the 18-foot by 12-foot replica spaceship, these early images from the convention will help.

Those are 1/6th-scale Star Wars figures, and full-size humans, in the above photo. Although Hot Toys recently announced the release of a 1/6th-scale cockpit (and showcased it at Comic-Con International), as far as we know there are no plans to sell the full Millennium Falcon.

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Ant-Man and Antony take flight with new miniature collectible


Where would Scott Lang be without his trusty carpenter ant/steed Antony? Grounded, that’s where. Recognizing the winged insect’s invaluable contribution to Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man, Hot Toys has unveiled its latest miniature collectible: Scott Lang atop a flying ant.

Antony measures about 4 inches in length, which may give you some idea of his wingspan. I’m sure someone with a ruler and polished math skills could figure that out, but I’m not that guy.

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Hot Toys’ new Princess Leia figure is our only hope


If that 18-foot replica of the Millennium Falcon has you yearning for more classic Star Wars collectibles, you’re in luck: This morning Hot Toys unveiled its Princess Leia 1/6th-scale figure from A New Hope.

Based on the likeness of Carrie Fisher from the 1977 film, the figure comes with two blasters and a display stand. A special edition, available only in select markets, will feature a “specially designed backdrop.”

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