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Get ready, because Hot Toys is releasing a ‘Suicide Squad’ line

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You may want to start stashing away money now, because Hot Toys announced this morning it will release collectibles based on Warner Bros.’ hotly anticipated Suicide Squad movie.

Best known for its movie-accurate 1/6th-scale action figures, the Hong Kong-based toymaker has produced collectibles based on the Marvel Studios films, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Deadpool and more. And let’s not forget the adorable little Cosbaby figures.

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With these adorable Deadpool Cosbabies, looks ARE everything


Sure, you may think Deadpool looks like an avocado had sex with an older, more disgusting avocado, but have you seen these Cosbaby versions of the Merc With a Mouth? They’re downright precious.

Unveiled by Hot Toys, each of the five bobble-head figures stands 9.5 centimeters, and depicts Deadpool in a different pose: sword-fighting, gesturing, surprised, striking a fighting pose, and making a hand heart gesture.

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Giant-Man towers over ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Cosbaby line


Before anyone grouses about spoilers, remember that LEGO let this very large cat out of the bag months ago with its Captain America: Civil War “Super Hero Airport Battle” set. Hot Toys is merely casting a giant-size spotlight on it.

Yes, it’s a Civil War Cosbaby collectible set that features both a 9-inch Giant Man figure — the largest Cosbaby yet — and a 1.5-inch miniature running Ant-Man. Those are in addition to the regular-size Ant-Man, and its variant. Clearly, Hot Toys likes Ant-Man!

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This Black Widow ‘Civil War’ figure is fully armed (with a tiny Ant-Man)


Clearly Ant-Man is the must-have accessory for the spring, at least among Avengers. First, Hawkeye sported one at the tip of an arrow, and now Black Widow has her own, slightly larger, version.

This 3-centimeter-tall Scott Lang comes with Hot Toys’ newly unveiled Captain America: Civil War Black Widow 1/6th-scale action figure, which of course boasts many other features (although it remains unclear why Ant-Man would be with someone on Team Iron Man).

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With Cosbaby ‘Civil War’ figures, the fight is over which is cutest


As with previous Cosbaby series, like Avengers: Age of Ultron and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it’s really difficult to imagine the pint-sized, adorable superheroes (and villain) of Captain America: Civil War going toe to toe in anything more perilous than a tickle fight. Seriously, just look at those little faces!

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Hot Toys unleashes its ‘Civil War’ Black Panther figure


Of all the 1/6th-scale collectible figures in Hot Toys’ Captain America: Civil War line, Black Panther may be the one collectors are looking forward to most. And judging from these first official images, it’s unlikely to disappoint.

Sure, it’s light on accessories — interchangeable palms, and a display stand only — but you must admit the body and highly detailed, textured black-and-silver costume are impressive. Standing just over 12 inches tall, Black Panther boasts more than 30 points of articulation.

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Ant-Man sizes up Team Cap with new Hot Toys ‘Civil War’ figure


Although Hot Toys has already given us a tiny glimpse of Scott Lang — seriously, he was riding one of Hawkeye’s arrowheads — the toymaker has now unveiled its Captain America: Civil War 1/6th-scale Ant-Man action figure.

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Falcon is ready to join Team Cap in Hot Toys’ ‘Civil War’ line


Longtime allies, and frequent partners, in the comic books, Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson are now virtually inseparable on the big screen, making the Falcon a prime target for Captain America’s enemies — “Because people who shoot at you, usually wind up shooting at me too” — and for collectors. That latter, of course, is where Hot Toys comes in.

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Hot Toys’ new Wonder Woman figure stands ready for battle


As with Hawkeye, we can argue about just how “movie-accurate” Hot Toys’ 1/6th-scale Wonder Woman action figure is, but we can likely agree on one thing: It looks pretty awesome.

Part of the Hong Kong toymaker’s rapidly growing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice line — we saw photos of a life-size replica earlier this month — the figure stands a little less than 11.5 inches tall, and features 17 points of articulation. It comes with six interchangeable palms, tailored armor, the Lasso of Truth, an engraved sword, a shield and a display stand.

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Cuteness is this Cosbaby Batmobile’s not-so-secret weapon


Although we’ve known for a few months that a Batmobile would be released as part of Hot Toys’ Cosbaby line of Batman v Superman collectibles, I’m not sure anyone was prepared for how darned adorable it is. Seriously, just look those itty-bitty machine guns!

It’s part of the new Batman and Batmobile Cosbaby Collectible Set, which will undoubtedly be able to defeat Superman, Lex Luthor and Doomsday with its cuteness alone. Of course, if that’s not enough, there are sill those machine guns.

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This Hawkeye ‘Civil War’ figure comes with Ant-Man arrowhead


It was only a year ago that Hot Toys debuted its Avengers: Age of Ultron 1/6th-scale Hawkeye figure, which was greeted with mixed reaction from fans, some of whom didn’t think the head sculpt was exactly “movie-accurate.” Now the Hong Kong-based toymaker has debuted the Captain America: Civil War version, with a newly painted head sculpt that shoots closer to the mark.

However, that’s probably not the big selling point. In fact, what will likely win over fans isn’t “big” at all — it’s the interchangeable arrowhead with a miniature Ant-Man, which will allow you to recreate the crowd-pleasing sequence from the Civil War trailer. See? You want this figure now, Jeremy Renner’s likeness be damned.

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Hot Toys unveils life-size ‘Batman v Superman’ replicas, more


Following the debut Wednesday of a half-dozen Batman v Superman Cosbaby figures, Hot Toys has released photos of a massive Dawn of Justice display that includes life-size replicas of the Batmobile, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and Armored Batman with the Bat-Signal.

It’s from the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice x Festival Walk Mall Event being held through April 10 in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong.

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Cuteness dawns with full ‘Batman v Superman’ Cosbaby series


Brace yourselves for an overload of cuteness. After teasing us with photos from Toy Soul 2015 and official images of an Armored Batman and Superman collectible set, Hot Toys has unveiled its full Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Cosbaby series — including Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

Hey, you were warned!

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Drax finally joins Hot Toys’ ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ lineup


If there’s one member of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy you don’t want to provoke, it’s undoubtedly Drax the Destroyer. Nevertheless, Hot Toys has teased its Drax 1/6th-scale action figure for quite a while, leading fans to wonder whether it would ever be released. But now, finally, the Hong Kong-based toymaker has revealed official photos and details for the collectible, which will enable collectors to complete their Guardians of the Galaxy lineup.

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‘Civil War’ breaks out with Hot Toys’ Captain America & Winter Soldier figures


With the premiere of Captain America: Civil War now less than two months away, Hot Toys has unveiled its new Captain America and Winter Soldier 1/6th-scale collectible figures from the Marvel sequel.

Standing a little more than 12 inches tall, each movie-accurate figure features 30 points of articulation, with Captain America boasting a newly developed body, and Winter Soldier sporting a newly sculpted head, and a new chrome-colored left arm.

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