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Hyundai calls in the Justice League for new Grandeur TV spot


Warner Bros.’ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has nothing on this Hyundai commercial, which brings together the Man of Steel, the Dark Knight and the Fastest Man Alive to sell the new Grandeur. Oh, and save lives. Probably.

Debuting earlier this week in South Korea, the TV spot depicts a city under attack and a woman running through a parking garage as the structure crumbles around her. She’s met by Batman, Superman and The Flash — an “unexpected lineup,” the voiceover says — whose primary concern may be what they can do to get her into this Grandeur today (or Azera, depending on the market).

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This ‘Walking Dead’ casualty hurts the worst of all: the Hyundai


For weeks fans of The Walking Dead have been parsing quotes from the producers and stars of the hit AMC series, searching for clues as to which characters won’t survive the upcoming fifth season. However, despite their diligence, it appears a significant casualty has already slipped by them.

When The Walking Dead returns Oct. 12, it will be without one of its fixtures since Season 2: the kiwi-green Hyundai Tuscon found by Rick Grimes & Co. on the gridlocked highway after they left Atlanta in hopes of reaching Fort Benning. It quickly became the survivors’ most frequently used vehicle, participating in supply runs and the search for Sophia, herding walkers and fleeing Hershel’s overrun farm (the Hyundai even received its own backstory, in the web series The Oath).

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Hyundai Tucson rolls out ‘Walking Dead’ Special Edition


Those die-hard fans who can’t get enough of The Walking Dead, even with the comic books, television series, video game, special events, clothing and collectible toys, now have an opportunity to kick up their devotion several notches: the Hyundai Tucson Walking Dead Special Edition soon will be arriving at U.S. dealerships.

Announced in November, the release of the limited-edition model coincides with the 10th anniversary of the comic series created by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. Featuring an Ash Black exterior with red accents (including surprisingly subtle walker hands), the Tucson comes with decals representing the comic’s four factions — Hilltop, Kingdom, Saviors and Survivors — and a 72-hour custom zombie survival kit/backpack, branded with the Walking Dead logo, naturally.

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NYCC ’13 | Documentary, art show celebrate 10 years of ‘Walking Dead’

walking dead-10th anniversary

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of The Walking Dead, Hyundai will present special events next week during New York Comic Con dedicated to the long-running comic by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn.

Held at Pillars37 in Midtown Manhattan, “The Walking Dead: A Decade of Dead” begins at 11 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 10 with the opening an art showcase curated by Skybound Editorial Director Sina Grace featuring rare artwork, well-known illustrations and a signing by Adlard. Exclusive limited-edition prints will be given daily to gallery guests during the showcase, which continues through Oct. 12.

The 20-minute documentary The Walking Dead: A Decade of Dead, which chronicles the evolution of the property from comic book to hit television series, will have its world-premiere screening Friday, Oct. 11. Doors open at 7:30 p.m; a 15-minute Q&A will follow. Afterward, there’s an invitation-only party.

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Drive around in a Hyundai covered with Walking Dead bodies

When we wrote last week about Hyundai’s offbeat cross-promotion with Robert Kirkman’s Skybound imprint to celebrate the 100th issue of The Walking Dead, we knew it involved a sweepstakes to win an Elantra GT — we just didn’t know which Elantra GT. No, it’s not the customized zombie-proof car with deadly cowcatcher that Kirkman discussed in the video (so push those commuting fantasies out of your had). It’s actually — well, if not better then arguably more macabre.

It turns out the sweepstakes winner will be the proud owner of an Elantra GT hatchback (above) wrapped in Charlie Adlard’s cover art for the landmark 100th issue. Yes, the one that features Rick Grimes standing amid the corpses of every prominent character who’s died in the series to date. So when you lift the latch on the driver’s door, you’ll be … pulling a piece of Jim’s skull? It’s probably best not to think where the gas tank is …

Although we caught glimpses of the Kirkman-designed Hyundai Zombie Survival Machine last week, you can now get a better look below. Or, if you’re attending Comic-Con International next month, you can see the real thing.

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Robert Kirkman and Hyundai devise zombie-proof car for apocalypse

As part of The Walking Dead‘s 100th-issue celebration, Robert Kirkman’s Skybound imprint has teamed with Hyundai for an Elentra GT sweepstakes that’s being marketed with a four minute-plus video interview in which the writer discusses surviving a zombie plague and (of course) designing a car for life after the apocalypse.

“I’m generally a good person, but I would not want to be eaten by zombies,” Kirkman confesses, “and I would probably do next to anything to keep that from happening – and I have next to no skills. I mean, in the apocalypse I’d be going from group to group going, ’Do you need anyone to write comic books for you?’

It’s an interesting, if somewhat odd, bit of promotion that does double duty as a nice showcase for the writer, who while devising a Road Warrior-style modified Elantra GT fit for the bleak world of The Walking Dead, praises George Romero, sorts through art in his office, and offers insight into post-apocalyptic living.

The car depicted in comic form in the video, and in the screen shots below, will be on display next month at the Hyundai Undead Future US booth at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

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